Man goes viral after catching mechanic driving his car to McDonald’s

Connor Bennett

A TikToker has gone viral after spotting mechanics driving his car to McDonalds moments after he dropped it off, and while viewers aren’t too pleased, he’s not too annoyed by it.

If you’ve ever dropped a car off at a garage to be looked at, you’ll know that feeling of constant worry about where they’re going to find something that is incredibly expensive to fix. 

Sometimes, the mechanics are trusted with driving your car around – usually around the block – to make sure everything is in order. Though, in the case of TikToker Rique, the mechanics in question decided to use his car to grab an order from McDonalds. 

His TikTok on the matter gained over 8 million views at the start of February when, 10 minutes after dropping his car off for a check-up, the TikToker spotted the mechanics grabbing a breakfast at the McDonalds he’d gone to as well.

TikToker catches car mechanic driving his car to McDonalds

Rique didn’t seem overly panicked at first and asked his TikTok followers for advice. Many appeared up in arms, questioning why they’d drove it to McDonalds rather than going on a normal test drive.

The TikToker offered an update a day later, and wasn’t too bothered about the whole thing. Though, he wishes he would have gotten a ride to the restaurant from the mechanics.

“I’m not upset about it. I did bring it up and they did have a little shock as they didn’t know that I saw them,” he said. 

Some viewers were still up in arms for Rique, despite his calmness about the whole situation. 

“I would be so mad, if my car is getting inspected, I am not agreeing to letting people run personal errands,” said one. “They would not have gotten off that easy with me. You are a good one,” added another. “You’re very patient I wouldn’t have been able to let it slide like that.”