Man divides viewers after asking woman out on LinkedIn

Man divides viewers after asking woman out on LinkedInTIKTOK: hannahharmelin

A woman went viral on TikTok after revealing that an MBA candidate asked her out on LinkedIn, leaving viewers divided.

In a viral clip with 778,000 views, TikToker Hannah Harmelin said a man slid into her DMs on the business and employment social media platform to ask her out on a date. She shared a screenshot of his clever direct message.

“Hey Hannah–skipping the line on a dating app and coming straight to you,” the unnamed man’s message read. “Aggressive move, [I know, I know.]”

He continued: “Life’s too short not to go for what I am highly interested in. Happy to connect regardless of your openness to meet. Kindest regards.”

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Hannah was seemingly shocked by the business student’s creativity in asking her out, as she wrote in text over the five-second clip: “This man really came to LINKEDIN.”

TikTok divided over man shooting his shot on LinkedIn

In the comment section of the video, some TikTok users criticized the man for messaging the TikToker on her professional LinkedIn profile.

“This is honestly a red flag lol,” one user wrote. Another agreed, adding, “I don’t want to be approached in my workspaces. Either by a random or worse, by someone who stalked me there from Bumble.”

“I would find it weird because LinkedIn is not a dating app,” a third shared.

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Others, however, applauded the MBA candidate for his bold approach.

“I feel like this automatically just gives him a date haha,” one user said.

“Maybe I’m just toxic but I’m obsessed with this and you should definitely give him a chance lol,” another wrote.

“Honestly…. 9/10 I would hate this, but something about his message is attractive. The energy,” someone else added.

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