Man at baseball game goes viral for using hotdog as beer straw

Jessica Filby
Man using a hotdog as a straw in Baseball game

One man has gone viral after being seen trying to use his hot dog as a beer straw and social media is freaking out.

After being spotted turning his hotdog into a straw for his beer, one man has divided social media and gone viral for his creative yet questionable invention. Some are calling him a genius whereas others are questioning how bad the taste must be when combining beer and hotdogs in one mouthful.

He is filmed at a baseball game, using the normal straw to put a hole into the sausage of the hotdog, making sure he gets any excess meat out of the normal straw before putting it in a box. Then, he dunks the hotdog into his beer and takes a sip as if nothing is amiss. Even the crowd around him is oblivious of his invention, with the only one noticing being the person holding the camera.

With the video quickly going viral, people took to Twitter and Instagram to question the snacking decision and wonder what the combination actually tasted like. Many were disgusted and some outright refused to believe it was real, thinking the act had to be fake.

Some comments took the video to heart and tried to imagine what the flavor combination might taste like. One commenter explained that they imagined the taste and “it’s making me queasy.” Many other comments took similar approaches, feeling like the mixture of hotdog juices and beer would be a disaster.

Others defended his culinary choice mentioning that he is “enjoying life as [he] seems fit and isn’t harming a damn soul.” In fact, even hotdog company, Nathan’s Franks, commented on the video calling him “an innovator” for combining two great tasting items and creating one clever contraption.

It may not be something many see every day but, as the comments explain, he took “two things that are delicious, yet you judge without trying it.” It’s definitely something not many will try but could be a gamechanger.