Madison Beer hits back at claims of “hiding” surgery from paparazzi

. 2 years ago
MadsMoments, YouTube

Social media star and music artist Madison Beer was reportedly spotted outside of a cosmetic surgery clinic, with fans claiming she made attempts to hide from paparazzi — but the influencer has a different side of the story to tell.

Madison Beer boasts a massive presence on social media, with over 19.5 million Instagram followers and 11 million on TikTok, not to mention her 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube, home for her original songs and music videos.

However, internet stardom isn’t all sunshine and roses, with fans consistently calling out the singer for allegedly hiding purported lip fillers and other plastic surgery procedures.

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Madison Beer smiles for the camera
Madison Beer, Instagram
Singer and social media star Madison Beer has hit back at critics’ claims of hiding her plastic surgery from paparazzi.

While Beer has called out these accusations before, she has recently come under fire in a huge way, with photos of the star surfacing that to show her standing outside of the Epione Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic in Beverly Hills, CA.

Critics were quick to spread the photos and accused Beer of hiding from paparazzi in an attempt to purportedly lie to fans about receiving plastic surgery.

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Beer called out these accusations in a Tweet with a few photos of her own, claiming that she’d visited Epione for a consultation to remove a mole and was not hiding, but was instead waiting on her car to arrive.

“I was there for a consultation to get a mole removed, (which I shouldn’t even need to clarify ‘cause it’s my business),” Beer explained. “I wasn’t ‘hiding.’ I was waiting for my car and walked out normally, but these pics go ignored. I’ve gotten death threats because of this situation. See the issue?”

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While Epione’s website claims it does offer services like acne scar removal and mole removal, the clinic also touts such procedures as liposuction and lip enhancement, among other cosmetic treatments.

Despite the constant callouts from critics, Beer went on to state that she would continue to focus on her music, calling for an end to bullying in a follow-up Tweet.

As previously mentioned, this is far from the first time the singer has hit back at such claims, even popping off on critics during an emotional TikTok livestream in late May.

While the accusations aren’t showing signs of slowing down, Beer’s attitude toward the subject hasn’t changed, with the star intent on focusing on her own work and spreading positivity in wake of the drama.

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