Ludwig saves Hasan from ‘weird’ fan during OTV meetup

Emma Hill
Ludwig streaming on YouTube and Hasan at the OTV meetup
YouTube: Ludwig/Mogul Mail

Twitch streamer Hasan ‘Hasan’ Piker found himself in a sticky situation during an awkward encounter with an eager fan. But, his friend Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren soon came to the rescue.

Content creators have always shared their love for their fans and their support. Many have regularly shown their appreciation by hosting prize giveaways or by generously sharing their millions with their followers.

However, not all interactions go so smoothly. Some streamers have found themselves in weird situations when coming face-to-face with eager fans for the first time.

One such example was Twitch star Hasan, who was appearing at an OTV event with his friend Ludwig when a fan approached them asking if she could “kiss” Hasan.

Twitch: Hasan
Hasan and Ludwig were attending an anime expo together when they were approached by an eager fan.

Hasan fan asks to “kiss” him IRL

Popular streamers from across the community turned up in their drones to attend the OTV meetup on July 4 including friends Ludwig and Hasan.

As the two greeted a crowd of followers during the event, one fan approached Hasan asking if she could “give [him] a kiss.” He quickly responded “no.”

She explained that her “boyfriend asked” her to make the move. However, with Hasan repeatedly rejecting the idea another onlooker asked if her boyfriend could kiss him instead.

As Ludwig looked on in shock, it wasn’t long before he swooped in to save the day and bring a light-hearted end to the awkward situation.

After Ludwig asked Hasan whether he could receive a quick kiss instead, the Twitch streamer moved in for a short peck with the YouTuber much to the delight of the observing crowd.

The overly keen fans may have not gotten their wish, but Ludwig and Hasan’s cute moment left them far from disappointed in the end.