Ludwig loses it as Twitch chat discovers huge emote bug and trolls him

Shay Robson

Twitch chat found a hilarious bug with emotes and emojis, and it drove popular content creator Ludwig nuts, begging for his chat to stop.

Not streaming on your usual setup can be tough, which is exactly what Ludwig has had to deal with recently, streaming on a laptop from a kitchen, while also competing in’s PogChamps tournament for $100,000.

Despite the unorthodox setup, it hasn’t disrupted his usual content, but it sure is frustrating for the streamer. From experiencing a range of technical issues that one would face streaming on a laptop, or his Twitch chat discovering a quite literal huge emote bug that he can’t combat, it’s been a new challenge for Ludwig.

Ludwig is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, who came out of a 31-day subathon with a pretty hefty payday.

On August 10, Ludwig started up his stream as normal and was preparing to compete in the quarter-finals of’s legendary $100,000 tournament. Things quickly went south though, as Twitch chat discovered a bizarre bug just a couple of minutes into the stream.

The bug is related to Twitch’s emotes, where specific emojis take up more than half of the chat with a massive version instead. Once Ludwig spotted it and asked viewers to stop, he gave chat the ultimate way to troll him.

“Guys stop… stop posting the emoji, guys stop it!” he exclaimed. “The stream is already scuffed, don’t make it worse,” but needless to say, they didn’t stop.

It looks like the bug could’ve been a one-time deal, as those trying to replicate the bug are unsuccessful.

Shortly after experiencing the bug, Ludwig was unfortunately knocked out of the Chess tournament, losing to Twitch streamer boxbox.

PogChamps 4 finals are set for September 12, with Fundy and Crokeyz going head to head for the championship, and YouTube sensation MrBeast facing off against Rubius for the consolation championship.

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