Ludwig got so annoyed at YouTube copyright he made his own music library

Virginia Glaze
Ludwig looking into the camera

Ludwig and Jschlatt have created their own library of classical and gaming-inspired music to combat YouTube’s notoriously strict copyright system.

Ludwig and Jschlatt are two major powerhouses in YouTube’s ever-growing annals of content creators.

As one of the top streamers on the platform, Ludwig is well aware of how YouTube’s Content ID system can result in a swift ban; in fact, he got the world record for receiving the fastest ban on the platform after just 90 seconds earlier this month for playing copyrighted music.

As a result of this, Ludwig decided to team up with fellow creator Jschlatt to take matters into their own hands and find a way to sidestep the site’s swift copyright policy.

Ludwig and Jschlatt create free music library for YouTube creators

On September 27, Ludwig revealed that he and Jschlatt had apparently hired a slew of professional musicians to recreate some of the world’s most popular classical pieces, which the YouTubers are offering for free use on the site.

That’s not all; they’ve also got two Nintendo-inspired tracks for creators to use in their videos (which are purposefully reminiscent of the Wii Shop theme and Animal Crossing).

Thus far, there are nine songs available on the channel called ‘Lud and Schlatt’s Musical Emporium,‘ with more coming soon depending on fan interest.

“They’re free for anyone to use,” Ludwig explained. “All you need to do is credit our name.”

Ludwig and Schlatt’s music library follows a similar move YouTube made just a week prior, where the site launched a way for creators to buy official Music licenses to use “an ever-growing catalog of music” in their videos.

This is just the latest major move Ludwig has made after he created his own talent agency, ‘Offbrand,‘ to help his fellow creators launch events in the spirit of girlfriend QTCinderella’s Streamer Awards and Sh*tcamp, among others.

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