Love Island Season 10 cast: All the islanders so far

Alice Sjöberg
Love Island season 10 contestants

The summer series of Love Island UK is back with a group of contestants looking to find love and win the prize money of £50,000. Here are all the islanders who have entered the villa so far.

Season 10 of ITV’s reality dating show Love Island has finally returned for its summer series, with new Islanders ready start their summer adventure at the Mallorca villa.

The premise of the reality dating show is simple; find a partner, or risk being dumped, thus losing the chance to win their share of £50,000.

So, with Love Island UK in full swing, here are all the islanders that have entered the Love Island villa so far, and everything you need to know about them.

Who are the Love Island Season 10 contestants?

The new series of Love Island marks the second time that the show has been on in 2023. In March, Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan were declared winners of the winter edition of the series. But who will follow in their footsteps? Here are all the contestants, including the Casa Amor girls and boys.

Beautician Ruchee Gurung

The first islander to be announced was Ruchee Gurung, a 24 year old beautician from Sutton.

As to why she decided to take part, Ruchee said: “I’m single and looking for love, and it’s the perfect opportunity for me to find someone. I’m a relationship kind of girl, but so far it’s not worked out for me. So I’m looking forward to hopefully finding the right person in the Villa.”

Semi-professional footballer Tyrique

The Love Island villa is no stranger to host footballers. This year is no different as 24 year old Tyrique Hyde will spend the summer in the villa.

On what he thinks he’ll bring to the Villa, he said: “I’ll bring vibes, confidence, good energy and honesty. I don’t sit on the fence, if I have an opinion I will speak up. I’m also not afraid to go after what I want.”

Tyrique is no stranger to what the villa has to offer as he’s close friends with the 2021 star Toby Aromolaran.

Musical star Molly Marsh

The third contestant to be announced for the 2023 summer series was Molly Marsh. Molly is a 21-year-old musical theatre performer and social media creator from Doncaster.

As to why she decided to go on the show, Molly said: “I think it’s ideal timing and the perfect way to find someone. I don’t go out and party and I don’t use dating apps, I’m actually quite old-fashioned, so there’s no better way to meet someone than by going into a Villa in the sun with the potential ‘one’ in there.”

Business development executive George

Next islander to be announced was George Fensom, a 24-year-old business development executive from Bedford.

When asked what he was looking for in a partner, he said: “I want them to be passionate about something, whether it’s a job or enjoying trips to the zoo on Saturdays. I prefer a girl who is naturally good looking, and someone who has even more banter than me- although I don’t believe that’s physically possible. I think those three qualities make for a perfect mix in a partner.”

Commercial real estate agent Catherine Agbaje

22-year-old Catherine Agbaje was the fifth islander to be announced. She will be travelling from her home in Dublin, Ireland, to Mallorca to spend the summer in the Love Island villa, leaving her job as a Commercial real estate agent behind.

When asked to say something that not many people know about her, Catherine said: “My teeth are real, people always think they are veneers! I had braces when I was younger. I have two degrees, I have my undergrad and my masters in Psychology and Sociology and Real Estate.”

Communications manager Mehdi

A “French fancie” by the name of Mehdi Edno was the next islander to be unveiled. He’s a 26-year-old Communications manager from Bordeaux and London.

Mehdi is hoping to use his French language skills to impress the other Islanders in the villa.

However, he won’t be focusing solely on locks to find his new partner. He explained: “Looks are important but they aren’t everything, a good sense of humour and someone who is outgoing and up for an adventure is what I’m looking for.”

Model Ella Thomas

The first Scottish islander has been announced, and it’s none other than Ella Thomas, a 23 year old model from Glasgow.

“I’m the whole package, I know what I want in life and I’ve got a big heart,” she said of what she can offer the boys before issuing them a warning: “I’d let the boys know that I’m wifey material so don’t play with me!”

Gas engineer Mitchel

The eight islander to be announced was Mitchel Taylor, who is a 26-year old gas engineer from Sheffield.

He has promised the Islanders he’ll be an old-fashioned gentleman, adding: “I thrive on being a gentleman. I’ll shower you with flowers, I’ll take you on dates, I’ll fill your bedside drawer with your favourite sweets and chocolate.

Aesthetics Practitioner Jess

22-year-old Jess is an Aesthetics Practitioner from London and is more than ready to make her way into the villa.

She warned that the boys might have trouble impressing her due to her long list of icks.

She said: “When a guy stunts for money, that’s an ick. Showing off all their designer clothes because most of the time they’re probably fake anyway! Another one is when a boy runs for the train and the train goes without him. Lunch Boxes also – just go to Tesco and get a meal deal!”

Business owner André Furtado

The tenth islander to be announced is André Furtado – a 21-year-old Business Owner from Dudley.

On what he thinks he’ll bring to the villa he said: “I’m charming, I’m going to bring good looks and some language lessons. I’m going to teach the other Islanders Portuguese, Spanish and a little bit of Creole. I think I’ve got every slice of the pie.”

Basketball player Zachariah Noble

Zachariah is the first bombshell of this season. He’s a 25-year-old basketball player and personal trainer from south east London.

When asked what he’ll bring to the villa, Zachariah said: “I’m a very chilled out guy and I’m completely myself 100% of the time. I’m quite straightforward and never struggle making friends, I like to look after people.”

Entrepreneur Whitney Adebayo

Bombshell Whitney is a 25-year-old entrepreneur from Camden, London.

While her mom says she is stubborn, Whitney claimed that her friends think she is the life of the party. “I can be really silly and funny but I can also get deep,” she said. “It depends on the person and the situation but I am a very adaptable person, I know how to read the room.”

Project manager Sammy Root

Sammy is a 22-year-old project manager from Kent. He described his occupation as a “bit of a boring job” that involves wearing a “tasty suit” and going out for a drink.

Sammy believes he is the full package when it comes to impressing the ladies. “I’ll be the energy in the villa – lots of guys have pretty faces and nice bodies, which I have too, but I’ve also got the bubbly personality,” he said. “I’m a bit of a firework.”

Dental nurse Charlotte Sumner

Charlotte Sumner is a 30-year-old dental nurse from Bournemouth. The bombshell is this year’s oldest islander.

Charlotte said she’ll “bring fun” to the group where she hopes to find friendship and love. Before entering the villa, she added: “I’m very genuine, I’m a girls’ girl – I give good advice but sometimes I need to take the advice that I give to my girls. I’m also hard work, but I’m worth it!”

Business owner Leah Taylor

Leah Taylor is a 27-year-old business owner from Manchester, who works in social media marketing.

Leah said she’s going on the show because she’s finally realized what she wants from a person.

“I’ve realized through past experiences exactly what I want in life when it comes to love,” she said. “I’m ready to find it now and I’m not going to wait around. I’ve figured out what it is that I look for in a person, which means my bar is set really high.”

Footballer Scott Van Der Sluis

Scott Van Der Sluis is a 22-year-old footballer from North Wales. The bombshell revealed that he was “the youngest goalkeeper to ever play with the Welsh national team.”

In terms of what he will bring to the villa, Scott said: “Energy. I’ll bring a bit of banter, be cheeky, and I’m a flirt! [I’m a] very, very strong personality so if I see anything I don’t agree with, there’ll definitely be fireworks!”

Photo researcher Mal Nicole

Mal Nicole is a 25-year-old photo researcher who comes from Edinburgh, but lives in London. The bombshell has her eyes on Zachariah, Sammy, and Scott.

When asked what kind of a bombshell she was going to be, Mal said: “I don’t have a game plan and I have never been one to be smooth with flirting. I know I can’t flirt, I can’t dance and I can’t sing, but I can guarantee I’ll be able to laugh them into my bed.”

Semi-pro footballer Montel McKenzie

Montel McKenzie is a 25-year-old semi-professional football player and account manager from East London. He has his eyes on Catherine, Leah, and Ella.

The bombshell said he’s entering Love Island because he’s too busy to date in the real world. “‘I just haven’t found someone I want to date, I’m always so busy with work and football!” he explained. “Watch your girls because the guy that gets all of the girls is coming into the Love Island Villa.”

Influencer Kady McDermott

Kady McDermott is a 27-year-old returning Love Island contestant from Hertfordshire. She originally appeared on series two as a bombshell, and went on to come third in the final.

Kady said of joining the new 2023 line-up: “The next person I’m with I want that to be marriage and babies. I don’t want to waste any more time with the wrong people – so I think I’ll be a lot pickier than what I was when I was previously in the villa. Seven years on, I think I’m allowed to be pickier now.”

Championship dancer Ella Barnes

Ella Barnes is a 23-year-old championship dancer and model from Kent. The blonde bombshell says she has “history” with fellow islander Tyrique, and believes she could make his head turn.

Speaking ahead of her Love Island debut, Ella said: “I’m excited to go into the Villa because I feel like I’ll bring a lot of spice and drama. I’m open to getting to know all the boys. At the moment, everyone is happy in their couples but I plan on going in there to shake things up.”

Financial advisor Josh Brocklebank

Josh Brocklebank is a 26-year-old financial advisor from Essex. On what he looks for in partner, he said: “Confidence, ambition, and someone who knows what they want.”

Josh is hoping the girls in the villa will be impressed by his personality. He revealed: “It’s my biggest selling point, I’ve got a lot of energy so I will be bouncing and dancing my way around the villa. I’ve also got a sharp trim and a great smile, my smile can definitely get me into trouble with the girls!”

Love Island UK: Casa Amor 2023 cast

On June 30, a cast of six new boys and six new girls was announced. Here’s everyone from the 2023 Casa Amor lineup.

Flight attendant Abi Moores

Abi Moores is a 25-year-old “feisty and fiery” flight attendant from Hampshire.

Love Island Abi

Abi said she’s out to find a boyfriend, adding: “Everyone on Love Island is so sexy. I feel like the kind of person that would do Love Island is definitely the type of person I could be in a relationship with.” Her type is someone who is “loyal, kind, and funny.”

University student Amber Wise

Amber Wise is a 19-year-old University of the Arts student from Buckinghamshire. She is the daughter of ex-footballer Dennis Wise.

Love Island Amber

The graphic design student warned that she’ll bring all the drama to the villa, and that she’s going to “go in there, get to know everyone and see who gives me the same energy back. I’m confident, so I will just be myself.” Amber also revealed that she’s set her sights on Tyrique.

Recruitment assistant Danielle Mazhindu

Danielle Mazhindu is a 25-year-old recruitment assistant and occupational therapy student from Liverpool. She said Zachariah is her type, as he’s “good looking, tall, chilled and laid back.”

Danielle Love Island

The three things Danielle is looking for in a potential partner are kindness, humour and good hygiene. “It sounds weird but there are people with bad hygiene out there!” she said. “They’ve also got to be good looking – I think we can all be a bit low key shallow sometimes.”

Creative assistant Gabby Jeffery

Gabby Jeffery is a 24-year-old creative assistant from Newcastle. She described herself as “fun, flirty, outgoing, young, wild and free.”

Love Island Gabby

Talking about how she plans on turning heads, Gabby explained: “There’s no time to hold back, so I’m going to make sure I get to know everyone. I’m not going to waste any time thinking about what their current situation might be because I need to give myself a chance.”

Musical star Molly Marsh

Molly Marsh was dumped in episode 19 of this season, but the blonde beauty is set to return for Casa Amor.

Molly Marsh of Love Island Series 10.

Fans will remember Molly exiting the villa in one of the show’s most brutal dumpings after returning islander Kady McDermott stole her partner Zachariah Noble.

Project manager Tink Reading

Tink Reading is a 26-year-old project manager from Birmingham. She’s “excited to hopefully meet somebody and cause a bit of mischief,” and is confident that she’ll make Zach and Mitch’s heads turn.

Love Island Tink

Discussing what she’s looking for in a partner, Tink said: “They have to be family orientated, have strong career goals and manners are a really big thing for me. Manners cost nothing, so I want to see how they interact with other people.”

Fitness business owner Benjamin Noel

Benjamin Noel is a 26-year-old fitness business owner from London, and he’s looking for someone “funny, family orientated and caring” in the villa.

Love Island Benjamin

On his motivation for Casa Amor, he told ITV: “I’m at a point where I want to find the right girl who can make me belly laugh. I think going into Casa Amor and meeting a bunch of girls is going to be like a holiday. It’s a new chapter and I love an adventure so I’m excited for the experience.”

Masseuse Elom Ahlijah-Wilson

Elom Ahlijah-Wilson is a 22-year-old masseuse and fitness trainer from London. He’s excited to “ruffle some feathers” and doesn’t beat around the bush.

Love Island Elom

Talking about who he might want to couple up with, he said: “All the girls are all beautiful. I want to see their energy levels. If I speak to them and like their vibe, I’d want to couple up with them. Whitney has good energy, so does Leah and Ella. I’m just going to go there and try to talk with all of the girls.”

Social media marketer Kodie Murphy

Kodie Murphy is a 20-year-old social media marketing manager from Birmingham. He describes himself as “cheeky, charismatic, enthusiastic and a bit of a charmer!”

Love Island Kodie

On why he’s entering the villa, Kodie said: “I love a challenge and can’t wait to bring my flirty, cheeky side out. There isn’t as much pressure when you go into Casa Amor, you can go in and have some fun. I’ll definitely be a little mischievous.”

Account manager Lochan Nowacki

Lochan Nowacki is a 25-year-old account manager from Windsor, who’s excited to “turn heads” in the Love Island villa.

Love Island Lochan

Lochan is looking for someone who is respectful and has good morals. He added: “I feel like I’m excited because a lot of the people in relationships aren’t fully secure. I know the type of person I am as well, so I feel like I can turn heads. I’m not going to be disrespectful and I’m proud of my morals as a person.”

Footballer Ouzy See

Ouzy See is a 28-year-old footballer, model, and tradesman from Edinburgh. The fourth footballer of the series has got his eyes on Ella, Leah, and Kady.

Love Island Ouzy

Ouzy describes himself as “a very confident person.” He continued: “I’m also mixed race with a Scottish accent which you don’t see very often so I’d like to think I’m a little different from your average guy.”

Senior sales excecutive Zachary Ashford

Zachary Ashford is a 27-year-old senior sales advisor from Manchester. He is ready to “stir the pot,” and find the girl of his dreams.

Love Island Zachary

Talking about how he plans on turning someone’s head in Casa Amor, Zachary said: “I am going to go in and go with my heart straight away. I’ve got a couple of people in mind and I will want to feel them out and get to know them in the first few hours. I will then draw my attention to just one girl.”

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