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LazarBeam and MrFreshAsian uncover game-breaking Fortnite Season 2 bugs

Published: 24/Feb/2020 7:02

by Andrew Amos


Lannan ‘LazarBeam’ Eacott and Harley ‘MrFreshAsian’ Campbell have shown off some of Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2’s most game-breaking exploits, including a walking “nuke” and a gravity-defying stunt.

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2 was a major update for Epic’s battle royale, introducing a ton of new features into the game. One of the major updates was the release of a new physics engine just before Season 2’s release in v11.50, as well as some new weapons to tinker around with.

This sparked some ideas for LazarBeam and MrFreshAsian, who looked at bringing some of their wildest concepts in Fortnite to life ⁠— all while highlighting some amusing bugs on the way.


YouTube: LazarBeam
LazarBeam and MrFreshAsian have managed to break Fortnite in every way imaginable since the latest update.

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In LazarBeam’s February 23 video, the Australian duo got working on trying to break the game in as many ways as possible. Some of these exploits were entirely new too, catching not only enemy players, but the streamers off-guard once they worked.

The first glitch involved the newly-released boxes and some of the decorations around the map. LazarBeam and MrFreshAsian were able to glitch their way into a taxi near Pleasant Park by throwing a box into the back window of the car, hiding in the box, and getting out.

From there, the two were able to chill in the backseat, firing away on unsuspecting foes who rolled on by. However, they were left out high-and-dry to the storm, eventually perishing once the circle moved away from them.


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Next up, they tackled the zero-gravity glitch involving magnets. Running into the storm, LazarBeam launched himself off a cliff to the west side of Dirty Docks, eventually glitching back into the map and in the air.

While he was able to get the high ground on all of his foes without even building a single ramp, he was only able to travel in a straight line. However, it made for some pretty sweet sniper angles, confusing enemies as to where they were shot from.

The final, and arguably best exploit turned both Fresh and Lazar into walking “nukes” ⁠— so they described it. You first get someone to jump into a box, strap a bunch of C4 onto them, and then get them to jump on a launchpad. Once they are near your enemies, you detonate the C4 for some easy kills.


YouTube: LazarBeam
LazarBeam’s C4 strat netted the two a ton of victory royales.

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This strategy proved to be a boon for the duo, who racked up plenty of kills and victory royales by having a box filled with C4 unsuspectingly fly towards their enemies and kill them. They even nicknamed it the “boombox” in honor of the vaulted weapon.

All the strategies Fresh and Lazar showed off in the video were only made possible thanks to the changes in Season 2. While some of the more glitchy ones will eventually be patched out, one can only hope that a design like the boombox might be able to stay in the game for now.