Logan Paul sparring footage released against Gronkowski brothers ahead of Mayweather fight

Alice Hearing
Logan Paul fights the Gronk brothers
YouTube: Logan Paul

Logan Paul has taken on four brothers in an exhibition boxing match, beating them all in quick succession ahead of his huge fight against Floyd Mayweather in June. 

The YouTuber turned professional boxer is furiously preparing for his spot in the ring with reigning boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, leaving his YouTube channel untouched for around two months, but now he’s back with some juicy fighting content getting people hugely excited for the big event.

Logan’s confidence is sky-high, having previously claimed that he is certain to beat Mayweather: “I’m taller, I’m bigger, I’m hungrier, I’m faster, I’m stronger… yeah I just said I’m faster than Floyd Mayweather, I am, I’m the fastest planet let’s not forget… He’s had a great legacy all good things must come to an end.”

Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather staredown
YouTube: Logan Paul
Paul and Mayweather are finally set to throw down on June 6.

Deciding to show off his skills ahead of the match, Logan enlisted The Gronks, aka, American Football star Rob Gronkowski and his brothers who are all extremely tall and proficient athletes, and challenged them to a match.

The Gronkowski brothers, while being famous for their athleticism, have also got their own YouTube channel in which they vlog about their lifestyle and compete in challenges.

The Gronks published their own videos in the lead-up to their match with Logan, revealing that although they only had one full day to properly train, they were helped out by champions Antonia Tarver and Winky Wright.

At first, George Janko and Logan’s friends were having their doubts about how far Logan could take them, and even Logan was emphasizing just how tall they were adding “if you piled them on top of each other they’d be about 50 feet tall.”

But once in the ring, Logan managed to take every single one of them down, one after the other, coming at them with quite some speed and backing each one of them into a corner. Each brother including Rob himself mentioned how fighting Logan was far harder than they’d expected.

However, while the Gronk brothers were untrained, Logan is clearly not, making it a pretty unfair contest. Logan’s real boxing skills will be tested to the maximum come June 6.