Logan Paul slams Dana White for not signing him to the UFC

Virginia Glaze

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul has called out Dana White once again, after the UFC president gave a hard “no” when presented with Paul’s chances in the organization.

Paul challenged White an interview with TMZ on December 25, calling for the prez to “get his head out of his ass” and sign him to the UFC – if he wanted to make money.

“Yeah, I think so,” Paul answered when asked if fans would ever see him fight in the org. “If Dana gets his head out of his ass and wants to make some money, for sure.”

The interviewer went on to state that Paul’s comments weren’t very flattering toward “the boss,” to which Paul responded, “Dana’s not the boss – I’m the boss.”

Paul likewise claimed that he would dedicate 100% of his time to fighting, were he signed to the UFC – marking a major career change for the YouTuber, who has already hinted that he may move on from the platform in the near future.

“I will train… whatever amount of dedication I need to fight in the UFC,” Paul continued. “[I’m] dedicated as fuck. If I get the opportunity to fight in the UFC, that’s my life for the next six, eight months, whatever, that’s my life, that’s my focus.”

Paul continues to advocate for a chance in the octagon despite White’s comments, who claimed that he should “go to jail” if he ever let Paul join the UFC, adding that the YouTuber would “get murdered” in a real fight.

Dana’s comments have since been challenged by the likes of Joe Rogan, who Paul claimed to have met with just a few days prior to TMZ’s interview.

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