Erika Costell's single 'Dynamite' may hint at new relationship with Jake Paul - Dexerto

Erika Costell’s single ‘Dynamite’ may hint at new relationship with Jake Paul

Published: 27/Dec/2018 23:51 Updated: 27/Dec/2018 23:52

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber, model, and music artist Erika Costell released her new single, ‘Dynamite,’ on December 26 – and the song appears to detail her turbulent relationship with ex-boyfriend Jake Paul.

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The music video for Costell’s single features a slew of footage taken from vlogs during her time together with Paul, paired with lyrics that have fans wondering if she wants to get back together with the controversial social media star.

“Got matching tattoos / only would do it with you,” the song reads, referencing Costell’s matching ‘GOAT’ tattoo with Paul. “There’s always higher places / there’s always bigger things / but it don’t feel as good as having you next to me.”


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Costell likewise Tweeted out the song’s lyrics on December 26, prompting an outpouring of emotional responses from fans – as well as speculation that ‘Jerkia’ might be making a comeback.

Despite this sudden, reminiscent love song from Costell, she recently confirmed that she is not currently in the dating scene, answering with a decisive “Oh, hell no” when asked if she had a boyfriend in a Q & A video on December 19.

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Costell’s single marks a surprising response to her breakup with Jake, following a string of vague Tweets in light of Paul’s rather transparent posts. 


Paul divulged major details about his split with Erika in his ‘Jake Paul Uncut’ docuseries, claiming that they both “knew how to hurt each other” – and even admitted that he’d had plans to give her a promise ring.