Floyd Mayweather admits he’s open to Jake Paul fight as trash talk continues

Connor Bennett
Floyd Mayweather alongside Jake Paul fighting

Boxing legend Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather has admitted that he’s open to a fight with Jake Paul despite their sizable weight difference.

As Jake Paul has made waves across the boxing world, the YouTuber-turned-boxer has picked up a few rivalries along the way thanks to his incessant trash talk – and he can count Dana White, Conor McGregor, and Floyd Mayweather amongst those.

The beef with Mayweather kicked off around Floyd’s exhibition with Logan Paul, where Jake infamously stole the boxing legend’s hat and made off with it. Since then, the pair have gone back-and-forth over fights, money, and a whole host of other subjects.

Both Jake and Floyd are preparing for their own fights – with Jake fighting Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva and Floyd facing off against Mikuru Asakura – but ‘Money’ wouldn’t be against fighting ‘The Problem Child’ either.

Floyd Mayweather wants to fight Jake Paul

Speaking to TMZ Sports ahead of his fight with Asakura, Floyd was quizzed on his rivalry with Jake, and noted that while there is a sizeable weight difference, he’d be open to making something happen.

“I think he was doing a sitdown on a podcast one time, and he talked about it and he said ‘I don’t want to do an exhibition against Floyd Mayweather,” Floyd said, referring to Jake.

“He said ‘I’m only doing real fights.’ And of course, I can’t get high up in weight, but I’ll fight him in a real fight at the weight that I’m at.”

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As noted, the weight difference between the two fighters is pretty massive – Floyd fights at Welterweight while Jake is at Cruiserweight and even Heavyweight for some bouts.

Getting a commission to sign off on that fight in the ring would require some work, and would likely take place outside of the United States.

Going the unsanctioned fight route would, obviously, see them both lose out on a lot of money, so who knows if they’ll ever clash. Though, Floyd isn’t completely out of the YouTube boxing world, seeing as there are rumors about him fighting Deji.

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