Jake Paul claps back at Floyd Mayweather claiming he’ll give him a “proper retirement”

jake paul mayweatherInstagram/Mayweather/JakePaul

After Mayweather took shots at Jake Paul in a TMZ interview, Paul clapped back on Twitter claiming he would give the professional boxer a “proper retirement.”

Jake Paul is slated to former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva in five short weeks, but that isn’t stopping him from picking fights with other opponents in the meantime.

He recently claimed that controversial figure Andrew Tate was “scared” to fight him or his older brother Logan Paul. Additionally, Jake continues to throw insults at the American boxing promoter Floyd Mayweather Jr.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Mayweather admitted that he is open to fighting Jake Paul despite Jake only wanting to take on “real fights” and not exhibitions. But Floyd stated he would fight Paul at his current weight – a near 50-pounds lighter than Jake Paul.

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Jake Paul claps back at Mayweather

In the same TMZ interview, Mayweather stated, “As long as [Jake Paul] continues to fight MMA guys and YouTubers, he’s gonna continue to look good and shine, but once he fights a real fighter it’s not gonna be good. He’d get f***ed up by Canelo. There is no way. He’d get demolished.”

Jake – who rarely refuses to respond to online trash talk – had a quote of his own to share. He tweeted, “My brother took you the distance. I would finish you in 6. Stephen Espinoza please make this fight happen so I can send him into proper retirement.”

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Logan Paul fought Floyd Mayweather in June 2021 which was the older Paul brother’s last time in the ring. The exhibition went all eight rounds with no winner declared at the end, but many viewers claimed Floyd dominated Logan.

While the two continue to exchange verbal blows, Mayweather will be gearing up for his fight against YouTuber turned boxer Deji who recently secured his first professional win against Fousey during the Two Fights One Night KSI event.