Logan Paul kicks JiDion out of seat to avoid being on camera

JiDion and Logan Paul sat next to each other at UFC 287JiDion

YouTube star Logan Paul asked for JiDion to switch seats at UFC 287 so he could avoid being on camera.

Logan Paul has gone from recording short Vines to amassing a total of over 30 million subscribers across several channels.

The YouTube star has helped pioneer influencer boxing, and featured in one of the WWE’s most prestigious events, WrestleMania. Furthermore, alongside his former rival KSI, Logan has even started his very own beverage brand Prime Hydration — which continues to fly off the shelves at a rapid pace.

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It’s fair to say ‘The Maverick’ is arguably one of YouTube’s most successful content creators in recent times. Although, it looks as if he’s tired of being constantly in the spotlight.

Logan Paul asks JiDion to move seats to avoid being on camera

Logan Paul made an appearance at UFC 287 on April 9, where he sat next to YouTube prankster JiDion — who was live streaming on Rumble at the event.

However, upon finding out he was on the stream, Logan asked if JiDion would be willing to swap seats so he could avoid being on camera.

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“Would you two wanna switch seats with us,” Logan asked. “Just because we don’t feel like being live-streamed all night.”

Although JiDion was more than willing to switch seats, it’s clear that Logan felt bad about the situation. “Not to f**k your sh*t up, but you know what I’m saying?” he said.

While JiDion assured Logan it was fine, the Prime co-founder still made the YouTube prankster promise that he was okay with moving seats. “You promise bro, you promise? Don’t be mad, I just don’t feel like being on camera all night you know?”

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“I’m not mad, I’m chilling,” said JiDion. “Thanks bro, I’m sorry. F**k I’m sorry bro,” Logan replied.

Rest assured, there seems to be no bad blood between them. After the clip surfaced on Twitter, JiDion assured fans that there was no animosity between the two YouTube stars. “Its good I understood lol,” he tweeted.

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