Logan Paul reveals how he spends a whopping $250k per month

Andy Williams

YouTube superstar Logan Paul has delved into exactly where his money goes during a podcast with KFC Radio, revealing how he manages to get through a staggering $250,000 each month!

With YouTube continuing to snowball in popularity, there is plenty of scope to make a quick buck from the video sharing platform.

But while some of the biggest YouTubers are rumored to be taking home massive sums, there are also plenty of moving parts which cost a pretty penny too.

Logan Paul surprising assistant with car.
Logan Paul has recently shifted gears to a more David Dobrik style of vlogging.

Logan is one of the biggest names on the platform, and while with that comes great monetary success, there are also a lot of outgoing expenses that the 25-year-old has to take care of.

But before going into the specifics, Paul delved into his motives behind creating YouTube videos at this point in his career, explaining that he “likes proving people wrong” while acknowledging that he still has “much work to do.”

Shortly after, Logan disclosed the mouth-watering figure behind his monthly expenses, stating that he spends approximately a quarter of a million dollars each month to stay afloat.

While on the surface, people might be inclined to think that Logan’s generous spending might be accountable (such as when he bought his assistant with her dream car), the reality is far from that.

“It’s honestly a lot of payroll and just actual regular expenses,” Paul clarified. “I just have a lot of people working for me; I have a lot of moving pieces. And yeah, so I buy some stuff too sometimes… You know, so what, dude?”

To put that into context, Logan is spending over four times more than the average annual household income in the United States, each month.

With that said, Logan has seen great success off the back of switching up his vlogging style in recent times, meaning that he’s definitely getting bang for his buck with his YouTube career.

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