MrBeast reportedly makes more than double that of any other content creator

Meera Jacka
MrBeast reportedly makes more than double that of any other content creatorInstagram: mrbeast / Unsplash: Alexander Grey

A new Forbes report has revealed that MrBeast’s staggering annual income is more than double any other digital creator.

As the most-subscribed to YouTuber with over 186 million subscribers on the platform, ‘MrBeast’ is known online for his generous giveaways and philanthropy.

And with cash pools often well into the hundreds of thousands, it should come as no surprise that MrBeast is raking in some big dollars himself.

Now a new Forbes report has revealed all, and the numbers show this entrepreneur is more than doubling his competitor’s annual income.

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The Forbes 2023 Top Creators List ranks the highest-earning content creators across various social media platforms including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch.

50 creators make the list each year with the latest report including the Paul brothers, the D’Amelio sisters, ‘Markiplier’, and ‘Amouranth’. However, it was MrBeast who took home the top spot.

Between June 2022 and June 2023, Forbes estimated that the popular YouTuber made a whopping $82 million in gross earnings.

This was more than double that of the next highest-earning creators, which were YouTube comedy duo ‘Rhett & Link’, gamer ‘PrestonPlayz’, and children’s YouTuber ‘Ryan’s World’. The three creators tied for second place and were estimated to have an income of approximately $35 million each.

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Altogether, the 50 creators combined earned approximately $700 million within the span of one year, with the top 10 highest earners as follows:

  • MrBeast ($82 million)
  • Rhett & Link ($35 million)
  • PrestonPlayz ($35 million)
  • Ryan’s World ($35 million)
  • Jake Paul ($34 million)
  • Markiplier ($30 million)
  • FuckJerry ($30 million)
  • Jacksepticeye ($27 million)
  • Matt Rife ($25 million)
  • KSI ($24 million)

It certainly doesn’t look as though anyone will be taking the crown from MrBeast anytime soon. Check out all the latest entertainment news on our page here.

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