Logan Paul & Lazarbeam reveal MrBeast “stole” employees from them

Lazarbeam Logan Paul Mrbeast headerYoutube: IMPAULSIVE

Lazarbeam and Logan Paul have admitted that MrBeast “stole” some of their most trusted employees from them, with the two joking about their experiences while also discussing how hard it can be to find a good editor in the business.

During episode 367 of the IMPAULSIVE podcast, Lazarbeam chatted to the trio about all things gaming, streaming, and popular culture. But toward the middle of their conversation, Lazarbeam went on to discuss his struggles with hiring other workers to help edit his content.

The content creator then revealed that one of the people he did trust with his work was poached by one of the best, MrBeast himself.

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MrBeast “stole” employees from Lazarbeam & Logan Paul

“I did have a good employee and he stole him,” Lazarbeam admitted, before Logan Paul quickly jumped in and revealed, “same, he stole Hayden, he stole Hayden.” 

However, the two didn’t hold any grudges against their former employees for taking the opportunity to work with MrBeast. Lazar explaining that, “to be fair he rings you up and he goes, so how’s that guy doing? Is he doing good work, what’s he doing? Yeah, I’m really looking for someone like I can’t deny the opportunity of working for Jimmy, bro.” 

When asked who MrBeast poached, Lazar simply said it was “just one of the guys who helps run his gaming channel.” 

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Logan Paul then detailed his own experience of losing an employee to one of the most popular content creators in the world. “MrBeast also stole my number one editor, my guy. He’s the guy as well. Arguably the best editor on YouTube, Hayden…A motivating factor of me moving on from working together was the opportunity cost, and now I miss an opportunity to edit a Super Bowl commercial, f**k.”

Lazar laughed alongside the hosts when this was said before once again stating how “you can’t deny the opportunity of working with the big boy.”