Logan Paul estimates how much money David Dobrik makes from YouTube

Andrew Amos

David Dobrik is one of YouTube’s biggest stars at the moment, raking in millions of viewers, and with it, thousands in revenue. However, how much is he actually making?

David Dobrik has made a name for himself with his vlogs, and with those incredulous views comes insane advertising revenue. While it’s not the most lucrative way to make money off YouTube, ad revenue projections provide a nice floor to base a content creator’s income.

With everyone pondering, Logan Paul took a punt at how much the popular vlogger has been making off YouTube, and the figures are even bigger than most people could ever imagine.

Jeff Wittek/YouTubeDavid Dobrik is one of YouTube’s biggest content creators right now.

How much does David Dobrik make off YouTube?

During his October 28 Impaulsive podcast, Logan Paul rattled off some figures about how much money Dobrik is making on YouTube through ad revenue alone. While it’s not the only source of income he has, it’s the easiest to calculate, as it all follows the same algorithm. 

“I just looked at his vlog channel, and he’s popping off like an average of 10 million views per blog, which I think makes him the most successful vlogger in the history of YouTube” Paul said. “I don’t think he’s in Google Preferred, but if he was, that could be $20,000-$40,000 per video.” 

Segment starts at 1:20.

Google Preferred’s system gives advertisers recommendations to access the most popular YouTube channels among young people. Usually, advertisers want their products placed on family-friendly content, but Dobrik doesn’t fit that bill.

While that results in a pretty hefty pay cut, the amount of money Dobrik is making per vlog is still extraordinary, going by Paul’s estimates. “My guess is, per video, that he’s making between $5,000-$20,000 just in ad revenue,” Paul said.

Dobrik makes on average around six videos a month, which can rake him up to $120,000 every month by Paul’s estimates. That’s disregarding directly-sponsored content reaching his 14 million strong subscriber base, which would be worth thousands more.

On top from the mega money Dobrik is making, Paul has nothing but praise for the vloggers’ content, being the first to highlight how much of a fan he is of his work.

“10 million plus views per vlog? That’s insane. At my peak, I was at eight million, but then again I was daily. His content is so good though man, I’m just glad he’s doing good.”

daviddobrik, InstagramDavid Dobrik is absolutely making it rain off his YouTube ad revenue.

While the numbers Paul pulled up about Dobrik’s revenue from YouTube is just an estimate, it’s probably in the ballpark. If you combine that $120,000 of ads a month with his sponsors, merch, and other revenue streams, he will easily be making millions every year.

His audience is a dream for advertisers, who usually target impressionable young audiences to use their products. However, those people wouldn’t be watching if the content wasn’t up to scratch, so Dobrik has done something right to nail down the YouTube formula.