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Mr Beast praised after revealing plans for three huge donations

Published: 3/Jun/2020 11:57 Updated: 3/Jun/2020 12:02

by Alice Hearing


Popular YouTuber Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson has pledged to donate a huge sum of money to three different causes related to Black Lives Matter.

On Blackout Tuesday, June 2, Mr Beast announced to his 5.9m Twitter followers that he would be donating $150,000 in total.

The first $50,000 will go to an organization “that supports the fight for racial equality”, $10,000 each will go to 5 small businesses affected “who genuinely need the help.”

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Mr Beast stated that the last $50,000 will go to an organization “that fights for police reform”, and advocated for “more accountability and change in this area” in the long-term.


He has not yet said which organizations the money will go to.

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Mr Beast previously faced some criticism on social media for staying silent as an influencer with a lot of money and a reputation for very generous giveaways.

This YouTube star only deals in big numbers. In May, he gave away $200,000 to people in quarantine, while in 2019 he gave away several million dollars to those taking part in challenges for his YouTube channel where he has more than 35 million subscribers. His most popular video to date ‘I Put 100 Million Orbeez In My Friend’s Backyard’, has 83 million views.


Mr Beast’s ‘Team Trees’ fundraising project, which he began in October last year raised $20 million to plant 20 million trees after he persuaded huge names including Jeffree Star and PewDiePie to donate. The YouTuber himself gave $200.002 to the cause.

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One tweet on May 30, which accrued 5.3k likes, said, “I don’t see him making [a fund] to donate to BLM community”.

He responded to the tweet saying “I’m honestly not quite sure where would be best at genuinely helping. I’ll 1000000% make the donation soon.”

Cleary, his plans changed from the original $50,000 to the new figure of $150,000, going to different causes related to the ongoing circumstances.


His most recent charitable effort before this saw him raise money for the ongoing global health crisis, with a $250,000 Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament featuring other top YouTubers and streamers.