Logan Paul and Chloe Bennett take relationship to a whole new disgusting level

Virginia Glaze

YouTuber Logan Paul and his girlfriend, actress Chloe Bennet, made a visit to social media famous-turned TV personality Dr. Sandra ‘Pimple Popper’ Lee.

Bennet noted a lump on Paul’s back, and the two decided to visit Lee in order to get a professional’s insight on the issue.

As it happens, Paul’s mysterious lump was nothing more than a benign cyst, which Lee described as “very poppable.”

Bennet wanted to know if she could help in the process, and Lee confirmed that Benent could pop the cyst, herself.

Lee injected the area with anesthetic, and explained that the cyst formed due to cells that were tucked underneath his skin “like a little balloon.” Essentially, the cyst was just a mass of wet, disused skin cells.

Lee created a series of incisions on top of the cyst, after which Bennet took the helm and squeezed the old skin cells out.

That wasn’t the end of the process, either – Lee scraped out the area to get rid of any extra puss before suturing the incision.

Paul appeared to be shocked at his pimple-baby, which Bennet fondly named ‘Jared.’ He described the experience as ‘euphoric,’ citing his excitement at meeting television’s star dermatologist.

He also admitted that he and Bennet had reached peak ‘weird-couple’ status. “I feel like we may have crossed a threshold where it’s like, ‘Oh, they’re that weird, funny, cute couple,’ to ‘Yo, they’re straight up fucking weird,’” he said.

While every couple has their oddities, these two will have this… interesting moment preserved on the internet for all time.