Logan Paul & Dillon Danis will get drug tested amid “juice head” accusation

Connor Bennett
Dilon Danis and Logan Paul in sunglasses talking to cameraYouTube: MMA Fighting/ImPaulsive

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis will, indeed, undergo drug testing for their October 14 fight after Danis indicated that they wouldn’t as he further accused Logan of not being natural. 

When YouTuber boxing first started out, it followed the amateur system that has been around for decades – even if the production of things was on a professional level. There wasn’t too much training involved and everyone had to wear headguards. 

The whole scene has gotten way more professional over the last few years, with fighters undergoing rigorous training camps, weigh-ins, and, of course, drug tests. 

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Logan Paul is no stranger to accusations that he isn’t natural and has used steroids to build himself up. Though, the ImPaulsive host has strongly denied those claims whenever they’re thrown his way. 

Logan Paul & Dillon Danis will be drug tested for fight after all

Dillon Danis has also used them in the build-up to their eagerly anticipated fight, calling Logan a “juice head,” claiming he turned down testing, and asking why they haven’t been drug tested like KSI and Tommy Fury

Well, as it turns out, the pair will be drug-tested before they square off on October 14. “They’re doing the tests administered by the PBA [Professional Boxing Association],” Misfits boss Mams Taylor told Mirror Fighting ahead of the fight. 

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“It’s a regular test that we do with fighters and it catches out people like we’ve seen with Viruzz. We saw he got caught out and punished accordingly by the PBA.”

Taylor added that Misfits isn’t yet at a point where every fight can undergo rigorous testing like the “Olympic-style” that Danis had called for, but their testing has caught people out – just like the aforementioned Viruzz. 

The fight between Logan and Dillon has been jeopardized by an ongoing lawsuit between Danis and Nina Agdal, with Logan saying the former UFC fighter was using it as an “excuse” to not fight. 

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So, it remains to be seen if they will actually meet in the ring come October 14.

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