Llama attends wedding dressed hilariously as a groomsman

Meera Jacka
Llama attends wedding dressed hilariously as a groomsman

Weddings are one of the most memorable days in a person’s life, but one couple has gone the extra mile to ensure their special day was truly unforgettable.

Deciding on the invite list for a wedding is a big deal and there can be a lot of pressure involved in planning such a big occasion.

Who will make the cut? That weird auntie that always asks too many questions (no, not you Colleen Ballinger)? Your old high school friends with whom you’ve drifted apart? Your best friend’s partner who you hate?

These are all important decisions to make. However, one couple decided to ensure their wedding invite list included a very special guest.

Llama at wedding
J looked fantastic dressed for the couple’s big day

A llama called J is dressed very politely in a black suit and pink tie, making an appearance as the honourary groomsman for the couple’s wedding.

Adam and Tara brought J onboard via Llama Adventures, a company that describes itself as “Sharing the joy of llamas with everyone”.

Llama with bridesmaids
Many took the unique opportunity to get photos with J

With options to hire a llama for all sorts of occasions, it seems J is not new to being the star of the show.

And he certainly captured the attention of wedding attendees and viewers alike, with his hilarious attendance shared on multiple social media platforms.

“Dear prospective ladies, If this isn’t our wedding, we aren’t meant to be,” one person commented on the photos, expressing their love for the idea.

Others were less impressed, with one commenting, “Something about this makes me uneasy – wondering if I have some repressed llama trauma.”

Comments on llama at wedding
Not everyone was on board with the llama’s appearance, with some left unnerved.

While having a llama for a groomsman might not be for everyone, Llama Adventures continues to offer the unique experience for a variety of occasions such as:

  • Weddings
  • Parades
  • Home Visits
  • Commercial Events
  • School Events
  • Education Programs
  • Christmas Photos
  • TV / Photo Advertising
  • Parties
  • Business Promotions

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