Lizzo trolls fans on TikTok with smallest Scrabble set “in the world”

Virginia Glaze
Lizzo trolls fans with worlds smallest scrabble set

Pop icon Lizzo is trolling her fans on TikTok by playing with the smallest Scrabble set “in the world,” despite listeners hoping for news of new music amid her ongoing tour.

Lizzo is one of the most prominent celebrities on TikTok, joining the ranks of Billie Eilish, Jason Derulo, and others to rack up over 25 million followers and over a billion likes.

Lizzo is known for her chaotic posts on the app; most recently, she shared her collection of Halloween costumes with her fans, who couldn’t get enough of her hilarious rendition of Marge Simpson.

However, they’ve also been antsy for news of new music from the singer, who, to be fair, released an album, ‘Special,’ earlier this year.

Lizzo trolls fans with “world’s smallest Scrabble set”

Instead of dropping teasers for another album, though, the ‘About Damn Time’ singer has been playing Scrabble… or at least, she’s trying to.

On November 8, the flutist uploaded a video of herself playing with the smallest Scrabble set “in the world,” although it didn’t look like she was having much success, given that her long acrylic nails were struggling to pull out the letter blocks.

Although she labeled the clip as ‘ASMR,’ she was stunned to find that her video didn’t get as many views as she had apparently anticipated, which she called out in another upload.

“The fact that nobody cares about miniature Scrabble, actually the smallest Scrabble in the world, TikTok that I posted just now — this is the lowest views I’ve ever received and frankly I’m offended,” she joked.

Of course, this prompted a slew of fans to comment that they, in fact, cared about Lizzo’s tiny Scrabble set. Even the official UGGs account said, “LIZZO, WE CARE!”

Currently, Lizzo is on tour — and it’s been a wild ride. She had a hilarious interaction with YouTuber JiDion during one of her performances, where the influencer literally proposed to her with a Ring Pop (but, unfortunately, got rejected).