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Linus Tech Tips’ daughter steals the show with hilarious squirrel conversation

Published: 24/Apr/2020 16:02

by Joe Craven


Linus Sebastian, the figure behind the wildly popular Linus Tech Tips, had a recent Twitch stream hilariously hijacked by his daughter, who was keen to ask about a squirrel found in their house. 

Sebastian is best known for creating and regularly appearing on a whopping five YouTube channels, including the incredibly popular Linus Tech Tips. He regularly appears to offer his ten million subscribers tips relating to all things technology – PCs, monitors, and everything in between.

However, while live streaming via Twitch on April 23, he had his broadcast amazingly hijacked by his young daughter, who was inquiring about a dead squirrel that was in their house.


YouTube: LinusTechTips
Linus Tech Tips has nearly 20 million subs across his YT channels.

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“I think that’s probably the route I’m gonna go,” he said, before being interrupted. “Yes, my darling what I can do for you?”

His daughter then proceeded to ask awkward questions about a dead squirrel that was in their family home, in a truly adorable – and bizarre – Twitch moment.

“Erm, well there’s a dead squirrel in the crawl-space in our house,” Linus told her. “Why? Well because it crawled in there and died. I honestly don’t know how it died, maybe it just lost the will to live… maybe it died of old age, or maybe it got in a fight with a porcupine and it lost.”


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The tech wizard’s daughter seemed to accept this explanation, but then appeared to grow concerned with the state of the porcupine that may have been involved.

“That’s true,” Linus finished. “But the porcupine if it won, well it’s not dead so it could have left, right? She’s processing that one.”

The clip is truly adorable, as Linus struggled to explain the harsh realities of nature to his young daughter. It’s certainly not what the YouTube star’s audience tuned in for, but many enjoyed the cute family moment nonetheless.