LoFi Girl introduces new Synthwave companion and fans love it

lofi girl new music stream photoLoFi Girl YouTube

The LoFi Girl YouTube channel that live streams ethereal music 24/7 rolled out a new stream with a new boy anime avatar that fans can not get enough of.

Fans have been introduced to a new Synthwave music stream from the LoFI Girl YouTube channel that features a new anime avatar for people to chill and game with it on in the background. Thanks to the elaborate rollout of the announcement, which featured the titular LoFi Girl disappearing and multiple clues on Twitter, fans have fallen in love with the new stream.

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The official announcement, which dropped on April 11 after days of hits, has over 11,000 likes and almost 2,000 retweets.

Fans react to LoFi Girl universe expansion

The rollout for the new Synthwave stream saw the LoFi anime character become translucent and eventually disappear while a window in the background of the video started mysteriously blinking blue.

The flashing was morse code message that brought fans to a website, LoFi World, and saw that anime girl log in on Twitter as well and eventually launch the “program.” Then the next post was of a new blue room that eventually turned out to be the room for the new Synthwave companion’s stream.

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The anime character does not have an official name and features a new blue aesthetic and a sleeping dog in the background.

Reactions from fans are overwhelmingly positive, with some enjoying the “LoFi Girl lore” and others interested in the new companion and genre of music stream.

This is not the music stream’s first venture outside of the bests to relax to radio stream. The YouTube Channel also hosts another LoFi stream featuring a girl trying to sleep while listening to music with her cat laying on her asleep.

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