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Leafy returns to YouTube after years to fire back at iDubbbz content cop

Published: 5/Apr/2020 13:00

by Calum Patterson


Once the fastest-growing YouTube channel on the platform, controversial creator ‘LeafyIsHere’ has returned after a long hiatus, and just in time to fire back at his old foe, iDubbbz.

Anyone who was around YouTube in 2017 will likely remember the rise of Leafy, an understated commentary channel that somehow gained millions of subscribers rapidly, at an almost unprecedented rate.

However, after numerous controversies, mainly around drama with other YouTubers, and a ‘Content Cop’ episode from iDubbbz himself all about Leafy, the reclusive star pretty much left the platform for good.

LeafyIsHere was insanely popular on YouTube, gaining over 4 million subs incredibly fast.

However, after iDubbbz found himself at the center of a social media storm, with fans calling him a “simp” due to his relationship with his girlfriend, Leafy has made a conspicuous return to YouTube.

His first video back was barely over 30 seconds long, showing iDubbbz’ response video before Leafy cuts in by saying “dude you’re a f**king cu*k,” and leaving the message “YouTube is still sh*t” on the screen. This video racked up over 3 million views in a matter of days.

Then, on April 4, he posted a second video, with a longer compilation of iDubbbz and his girlfriend, before ending with a short message that reads “2 weeks until it was ‘social experiment’ and/or she breaks up with him.”

iDubbbz is yet to respond to Leafy, though it wouldn’t be surprising to see him fire back again in another video, possibly taking credit for pushing his rival off YouTube the first time.

Even PewDiePie weighed in on the drama surrounding iDubbbz and his girlfriend, as social media was in a frenzy over the whole situation.

Meanwhile, despite his brief return to YouTube to roast his old nemesis, it’s still not likely that Leafy is making a full-on comeback to content creation, not least because of his message at the end of his first return video.

Despite such a long time away from the platform though, his video was still featured on YouTube’s trending page, reaching over a million views in under 24 hours.


Twitch streamer confronts DoorDash driver after console war trash talk

Published: 24/Nov/2020 19:33

by Michael Gwilliam


Console wars are nothing new to video game enthusiasts. From schoolyard debates to forum threads 500 pages deep, console loyalists have fought tooth and nail since the dawn of time. Now, the battleground has shifted with even DoorDash drivers getting in on the action against customers.

During a Twitch broadcast, streamer Jameskii was playing Minecraft while waiting for DoorDash to deliver his order. Suddenly, he received a text message on his phone.

“Hold on, is my drink here?” he wondered as he grabbed his mobile device. “Oh my God! Oh my God!”

As the streamer stared down at his phone, he could hardly contain his disbelief at the message he received from the driver.

“My food delivery guy just messaged me ‘Xbox is trash as f**k,” he laughed. “I’m not kidding. My f**king DoorDash just messaged me. It says, ‘Hello, DoorDash has arrived with your order’ and the next message is ‘Xbox is trash as f**k.’”

As it turns out, the driver actually tried to call the streamer, but when Jameskii didn’t pick up, he felt the need to trash talk Xbox.

Despite all this confusion and the out of context attack on Microsoft’s console, Jameskii wondered if he should call the driver back.

“Say yeah, PlayStation is better, woo!” his friend suggested as the streamer began to redial the number.

Eventually, someone on the other end picked up. “Alright, what did you say about Xbox?” Jameskii asked point-blank.

After a few moments of silence, the driver doubled down on his earlier comment and shouted, “F**k Xbox!”

The remark had the streamer in stitches and made him burst out laughing at the absurdity of the whole situation.

While console wars have a long history dating beyond even the 90s when Nintendo and Sega duked it out, it’s unlikely that the phenomenon ever reached a point where delivery drivers partake. It just goes to show that we’re living in a strange timeline.