KSI’s ex-coach explains why Jake Paul fight won’t happen in 2023 despite agreement

KSI’s trainer Leon Willis and former coach Viddal Riley have explained why the Jake Paul fight won’t happen in 2023, despite both parties agreeing.

KSI vs Jake Paul is arguably one of the most anticipated fights right now. Since 2018, the two YouTube sensations have nonstop went back and forth.

Throwing virtual jabs at one another through social media, fans expect them to eventually touch gloves sometime in 2023 after both agreed to a massive “winner takes all” fight.

However, according to KSI’s fitness trainer and his former boxing coach, the bout is unlikely to go ahead in this year.

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Ex-KSI coach explains why Jake fight won’t happen in 2023

In a January 7 video, Leon Willis and Viddal Riley laid out exactly why the anticipated fight may not come in 2023, despite both sides already agreeing.

According to KSI’s trainer, Jake Paul’s recent MMA deal as well as weight disputes will make the fight hard to negotiate.

“Him and JJ’s not fighting this year man, it’s not happening,” said Willis. “It’s not happening, bro he’s just signed a deal here, you know how many millions?

“Yeah it’s not happening, and you got to think about the weights as well. JJ’s what, 175, he’s 185, and Mams put out a tweet saying JJ’s 171,” he explained.

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Leon continued: “How are they going to come to negotiations? Because they want Jake to come here, he’s going to say if I’m coming here why do I have to drop to 175? He’s going to want some leeway, some leverage. So it’s going to be a tough one to negotiate.”

“He won’t be able to A-side the thing like he used to,” Viddal added. “Someone’s going to have to lower their end of the deal and look at the bigger picture.”

Fans are eager to see the two finally step in the wrong, but it looks like we may have to wait a little longer than expected.

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