KSI vs Logan Paul 2: Eddie Hearn explains “no YouTubers” undercard

Virginia Glaze

YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul are set to throw down in their highly-anticipated boxing rematch on November 9, but news of an official undercard for the fight has been up in the air – until now.

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While the YouTubers’ initial bout in August 2018 featured a slew of internet stars on its undercard – including the infamous fight between Deji and Jake Paul – this time, the pair are looking to go pro in a major way.

British boxing promoter Eddie Hearn explained that the YouTubers’ undercard won’t feature any other social media celebrities during an interview with Sky Sports Boxing on September 4, turning popular speculation for the fight on its head.

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Logan Paul, TwitterYouTubers KSI and Logan Paul are set to throw down in the Los Angeles Staples Center on November 9 – but their match is going pro.

Instead, Hearn claimed that the bout is going all-pro aside from the main event, featuring professional boxers as a means to help bring a fresh audience to the historic sport.

“On the undercard, we want world-championship boxing,” Hearn explained. “We don’t want other YouTubers and celebrities – no, this is a chance for boxing to bring in new fans, and if we’re gonna bring them in, we need to show them the greatness of our sport.”

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Hearn’s statement was met with some contention, with the likes of Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR arguing that it was “bullshit” not to feature other YouTubers on a YouTuber rematch – but this could be good news for the Paul brothers, considering they each expressed hopes of going pro after last pay-per-view fight last year.

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However, this development doesn’t come as a massive surprise, considering the news of pro boxer Billy Joe Saunders defending his world super middleweight title on the undercard per reports from the Independent on August 31.

Despite this potential leg up for KSI and Logan Paul, other big-name YouTubers vying for a spot on the undercard will have to sit this one out – including the likes of Fouseytube and Deji, whose recent beef seemed promising for the November rematch.

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KSI vs Logan Paul 2 will throw down in the Los Angeles Staples Center, with the event streaming for American audiences on “DAZN” – although news of other pros on the card has yet to be revealed.

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