KSI reveals surprising scrap with Joe Weller ahead of 2018 match


Popular YouTuber Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji shared a surprising story regarding his beef with fellow YouTuber Joe Weller, which took place in a parking lot ahead of their 2018 boxing match.

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KSI made a guest appearance on the ‘Happy Hour Podcast’ on January 22, where he admitted that he’d had a threesome with one of Weller’s close female friends prior to their match – which landed him in hot water with his YouTube rival.

KSI went on to claim that he purposely harassed Weller on the road after he found out about the affair, nudging into Joe’s vehicle to get a rise out of him.

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“While we were driving back to Stratford, I just kept like nudging him, literally driving into his car,” KSI laughed. “I think I was just trying to piss him off.”

That wasn’t the end of their road rage; KSI claimed that the two later drove into an underground parking garage to square off – with a surprising victor.

“After that, we literally had like a scrap in an underground car [lot],” KSI recalled. “…he won that. He won the scrap, yeah.”

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KSI and Weller later faced off in an official boxing match on February 3, 2018, where KSI ultimately emerged the champion. 

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Since then, the two YouTubers have gone back and forth across social media, with the rivals most recently taking shots at each other due to Weller’s mock boxing match with soccer proJeremy Lynch and an old rap song created by KSI.