KSI apologizes after fans disappointed by “overhyped” KSI Show

ksi disappointed fans KSI showYouTube: KSI

British YouTuber, platinum recording artist, and boxing extraordinaire Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji promised to “break the internet” with The KSI Show on July 17 — but had a rude awakening when his fans expressed their huge disappointment at the show.

While there were no real suggestions over what the show would include, there were a number of KSI’s top collaborators across music, TV and social media present, and fans had high hopes.

Throughout the show and after it, though, many fans expressed their disappointment online at what they dubbed ‘The KSI concert’, complaining about the number of musical performances.

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When KSI decided to make a reaction video, looking through the Reddit posts about the show, he clearly had high hopes — but he finished it feeling seriously deflated.

the ksi showKSI/Momenthouse
The KSI Show brought in some huge celebrity names.

Admitting that he opened Reddit “gassed” to see the response to the show, KSI quickly fell back down to Earth at the sheer amount of disappointed posts.

With post after post from fans feeling like they’ve been conned, KSI didn’t hide his emotions, and spoke throughout the video on how upset he was by the response. He frequently mentioned that he “took an L” on the show and apologizes to paying fans who feel “conned.”

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“I don’t really know what else to say,” he explained at the end of the video. “Yeah, I’m sorry I p**sed so many people off. This was depressing… Maybe I could have done better with the whole script part. I don’t know.”

The show itself featured a combination of musical performances alongside skits co-written by the American Dad writers, and was used as a celebration of KSI’s recently-released studio album All Over the Place.

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Of course, it wasn’t all bad. Many fans enjoyed the show, and that’s evident in the YouTube comments, but KSI clearly took a swing and missed in the eyes of some of his fans.

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