KSI hits back at Logan Paul’s “honest” fight prediction

Jacob Hale

Things are heating up between YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul ahead of their boxing match on November 9, and now JJ ‘KSI‘ Olatunji has responded to Paul’s “honest” fight prediction on Twitter.

Just days prior to one of the biggest dates on the YouTube calendar, Logan Paul tweeted out, in great detail, what his “honest fight prediction” is, saying:

“JJ will try to outbox me & very quickly realize he can’t. Then, he’ll resort to bad habits, get wild like he did last year, but it won’t work because I’ll pick him apart… he’ll get frustrated, remember this tweet, and then I will knock him out.”

Just half an hour later, KSI responded with a simple explanation as to why he believes Paul’s prediction is inaccurate, referring back to the tiredness he showed in the first fight. saying: “Think you forgot about your terrible stamina.”

In the first fight, many believed that while Logan Paul was winning in the first couple of rounds, his stamina started to let him down as the match progressed and that is what allowed KSI to get some round wins in.

Needless to say, Paul has likely been addressing stamina as one of his main priorities in the lead-up to the rematch and will be hoping for this not to be an issue when the day comes.

KSI/YouTubeKSI and Logan Paul will be clashing for the second time after their first fight in August 2018.

The fight between KSI and Logan Paul takes place on November 9 in Los Angeles’ Staples Center, with both seeking revenge after their draw in August 2018.

The decision was somewhat divisive but made for a perfect reason for the two to face off again to find out who truly is the best boxer on YouTube.

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