KSI fight announcement sparks more interest from fans than Jake Paul’s Tommy Fury bout

Zackerie Fairfax
ksi fight generates more hype than jake paul

Two titans of content creation – KSI and Jake Paul – are slated to step into different rings this coming August, and Olatunji’s fight is seemingly drawing more interest.

On June 23, Jake Paul announced his upcoming pay-per-view event against professional boxer Tommy Fury. However, in the days following the announcement, Paul has called out Fury numerous times on Twitter for being MIA.

Fellow YouTube star and amateur boxer KSI also announced his upcoming boxing event against 1-0 rookie Alex Wassabi. He defeated KSI’s brother Deji in a main event fight earlier this year.

Fans are excited to see their favorite creators back in the ring this August, but if we’re going by interactions, KSI’s fight has definitely sparked more interest.

KSI announcement gains massive response

KSI revealed his opponent on July 1, seven days after Paul,’s announcement, and the tweet announcing his opponent had amassed over 100k likes in just five hours.

Including the tweets from Jake Paul, Most Valuable Promotions, SHOWTIME Boxing, and Madison Square Garden; the Paul vs Fury fight announcement only garnered ~20k likes.

This is days after Paul has repeatedly claimed Tommy Fury is “trying to get out of this fight.” He has also stated that Fury’s team has attempted to get Jake Paul to fight in the UK.

KSI has mocked the current state of Paul’s fight on Twitter and has invited him to fight Fury as the co-main event on his own card. Jake didn’t outright decline KSI’s offer but instead clapped back with words of his own.

Paul even pointed out that Alex Wassabi is repped by Most Valuable Promotions, Jake’s own team. However, many fans in the replies to KSI’s announcement are already claiming Wassabi won’t stand a chance.

Pending Fury’s arrival in the US, August is going to be a month full of fights. And after these events, maybe we’ll get to see Jake Paul and KSI step into the same ring to settle their differences.