KSI reveals big change Deji has finally made ahead of boxing return

KIS talking to camera from bedroomYouTube: KSI

YouTube star KSI revealed that he’ll lend a helping hand to his brother Deji ahead of his return to the boxing world, and has picked up on a significant change he’s made compared to his last fights. 

Even though Logan and Jake Paul have taken the YouTuber boxing scene to a whole other level over the last few years, it was all kickstarted by KSI.

The British YouTube star defeated Joe Weller in February of 2018, and started on his path to fight Logan Paul. His brother, Deji, also got into the mix by taking on Jake on the same card, though, he was defeated.

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While KSI has been on a boxing hiatus in recently, his brother did get back into the ring to take part in the Battle of the Platforms event, where, he was defeated by Vinnie Hacker. After going on his own hiatus, Deji is back and looking to finally score a win in the boxing ring.

KSI and Deji reuniteYouTube: Deji
Like all brothers, KSI and Deji have had their falling outs.

In his December 10 video, KSI gave a little insight into his brother’s return, noting that he’s made quite a big change already by allowing everyone else to build hype for his fight.

“He hasn’t said anything. He’s letting everyone do all the talking and he’s actually, finally, putting in the work,” KSI said. “It’s kind of cool, from a director’s point of view, this is the first time where he’s actually showing he’s going to put in the work. He’s walking the walk rather than just talking the talk. Yeah, it’s sick.”

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The Sidemen founder noted that he’ll likely help his brother over the Christmas period with some sparring sessions and cardio work, just to give him a little more of a boost.

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Obviously, with no opponent announced yet, it’s difficult for the brothers to work on a detailed fight plan, but having the cardio is key in most bouts.

It remains to be seen if KSI will offer any further help as Deji gets closer to making his return, but he’s clearly hype for his brother.