KSI commends Tommy Fury for beating Jake Paul despite being “tormented for two years”

KSI on YouTubeYouTube: KSI

Although initially claiming both fighters were “trash” shortly after the bout, KSI has since praised Tommy Fury for his win over Jake Paul, admitting he rose to the occasion amid some very real pressure.

After years of false starts and multiple setbacks, Jake Paul finally stepped into the ring with Tommy Fury on February 26. After going the distance, Fury ultimately had his hand raised in a split-decision victory.

However, despite the win and despite handing Paul his first loss in the sport, not everyone was impressed. KSI was among the first to chime in on social media moments after the fight, laughing hysterically while calling out both fighters as being “trash.” A point he’s raised on numerous occasions, claiming he would “destroy” them without a hassle.

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Now a few days removed from the contest though, and the British YouTuber now has a new sense of appreciation for Fury’s performance. Admitting that the young boxer was under an immense amount of “pressure” yet still delivered on his promise to come out on top.

“Fair play to Tommy,” KSI said in his March 8 YouTube video focusing entirely on the fight. Praising his performance in the end, he claimed it was a solid victory given everything stacked against Fury.

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“He’d been tormented for two years straight. Being called Tommy Fumbles, everyone saying he was trash, saying he’s not a real boxer, saying he’s not going to be able to beat Jake Paul, saying he’s going to buckle under the pressure. But you know what, he came into that ring and slapped up Jake Paul.”

Although one judge had his points in favor of Paul, resulting in a split decision, KSI even went on to shut down this notion entirely. “If we all watch the fight, Jake Paul was getting slapped up.”

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With his main threat being the overhand right, KSI claimed the outcome of the fight was more or less set in stone when Paul “couldn’t land” his signature strike. “He looked like a fish out of water. There wasn’t any time where I thought, you know what, Jake Paul is gonna knock out Tommy Fury.”

With a rematch seemingly on the horizon, it appears KSI will have to wait a little longer to get his hands on his social media rival.

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“I wish I was the one to do it, but I’m sure I’ll give him another [loss] in the future,” he added.

In the meantime, the Sidemen star now appears to have 40-year-old pro boxer Joe Fournier in his sights for his next opponent in the coming months.