Joe Fournier calls out KSI live at Misfits Boxing 4

leaked poster teases ksi vs joe fournierInstagram: joefournier / YouTube: JJ Olatunji

Pro boxer Joe Fournier and KSI have shared some barbs in the past but a meeting of the two seems inevitable following the conclusion of Misfits Boxing 4.

JJ ‘KSI’ Olatunji is on a hot streak in his boxing career. In yet another headlining main event, the ‘Nightmare’ took down FaZe Temperrr (who filled in for late dropout Dillon Danis) with a KO blow in the first round.

While giving another one of his signature-spirited post-match interviews, he name-dropped Joe Fournier as a potential opponent, only for the English businessman and boxer to crash the stage and tell KSI to set it up as his next fight.

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Joe Fournier and KSI come face-to-face at Misfits Boxing 4

This feud has been rising for quite some time now, and in late 2022 it seemed as if it was guaranteed to be the main event of this January 14 event. However, despite an allegedly leaked flyer showcasing the match, Olatunji instead locked it in with Danis instead.

After the MMA prospect’s withdrawal, KSI chose Temperrr as the replacement so that he could still take advantage of all the prep he did in anticipation of taking on a southpaw.

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The fight wrapped quite quickly though, and that only motivated Fournier to double down on his previous callouts.

“London, who wants to see him fight a real boxer…that might work on a guy playing video games, but it ain’t going to work on a real fighter,” he claimed in the pair’s face-to-face showdown.

Fournier went on to say that he wants to lock it in for May and that KSI shouldn’t be fighting anyone else the next time in the ring.

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The pair even sealed the deal with a handshake, but history has proven that it takes a lot more than that to make something official in the world of combat sports.

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