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KSI appears to tease street fighting for future YouTube bout

Published: 14/Jan/2020 23:45

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI emerged victorious from his November 9 rematch with rival Logan Paul — but that’s not the end of his fights, with the internet star teasing even more dramatic bouts in the future.

With Jake Paul scheduled to fight fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib on January 30, it seems internet boxing has taken the world by storm.

However, it’s not the end-all be-all method of settling online grudges — at least, according to KSI, who feels things might escalate far more dramatically in the near future once YouTube boxing becomes the norm (if it ever does).

thebreadbatch, Instagram
Instagram: thebreadbatch
YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul threw down in the boxing ring for the last time on November 9, 2019.

In an interview with VICE’s Joe Zadeh, the YouTuber revealed his “competitive” spirit helped him get this far, begging the question: what comes next after the internet boxing fad is done?


While KSI considered the possibility of sports other than fighting, what he considered to be the most “dramatic” way of settling beef was nothing inside of an arena or an octagon: instead, he figures YouTubers might start to settle things with simple, old-fashioned street fighting.

“A street fight,” he answered when asked about the topic. “You get two YouTubers that hate each other, and they happen to be in the same place at the same time, and a brawl could happen. You never know.”

KSI, Instagram
KSI, Instagram
YouTube star KSI might be an undefeated pro boxer, but he’s not confident the sport will remain popular to settle YouTuber grudges.

Although there are ample clips of various street fights littering YouTube, a legitimate scrap between two massively popular YouTubers at any given time or place is almost guaranteed to go viral — especially seeing as how there’s no rules and no holds barred.


Considering YouTube’s own policies, though, it might not survive the system as well as its boxing predecessor has, with the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch being what promoter Eddie Hearn dubbed the “most successful” PPV boxing match in 2019.

Also bearing the success of their first match in mind, it seems boxing is a highly profitable avenue for YouTubers in the current climate, with Jake Paul himself dubbing the sport an “untapped vertical.”

For now, fans must wait and see for the outcome of Jake Paul’s own fight against AnEsonGib, and whether or not it will hold a candle to his older brother’s infamous grudge match against one of Britain’s top YouTube stars.