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Jake Paul explains why being a YouTuber became “boring” for him

Published: 14/Jan/2020 22:36

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star and Team 10 founder Jake Paul is gearing up for his first-ever professional boxing debut against AnEsonGib — something that isn’t as “boring” as vlogging has become for the internet celeb, apparently.

While Paul has previously expressed a desire to move away from YouTube in light of his professional fighting career, he delved deeper into the topic on January 14, during a mini-documentary uploaded in partnership with Matchroom Boxing.

In the doc, the YouTuber took fans through his current training camp with coach and former boxing pro “Sugar” Shane Mosley, which included everything from uphill bear crawls to intense sprints at high altitude.


Jake Paul, Instagram
Jake Paul, Instagram
YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul gave fans an inside look at his training camp with “Sugar” Shane Mosley.

During a quiet moment in the hot tub, Paul explained that he’s come to find YouTube “boring,” claiming that the sport of boxing excites him more in light of the many opportunities its apparent rebirth might bring for internet stars.

“When you’re progressing at something, that’s always like, when you’re having the most fun,” he explained. “If you’re doing something… you keep on doing it, it’s the same exact thing, then it just gets old. It’s kind of what YouTube was for me. Post every day for two years straight. Cool. Get five million views, get ten million views. ..it’s just like alright, cool, I’ve done this.”


Jake Paul, Instagram
Jake Paul, Instagram
Paul claimed that the sport of boxing is an “untapped vertical” in regards to profit for big-name YouTubers.

In comparison, the youngest Paul brother finds greater allure in boxing, calling the sport an “untapped vertical” ripe for the taking in terms of content and profit.

“There’s a huge lane for ‘celebrities’ or whatever you want to call us to make a lot of f**king noise and sell tickets,” he continued. “At the end of the day it’s a f**king business, and if we can sell the most tickets, we’re gonna make the most money and draw the most fans.”

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Of course, Paul couldn’t finish out the video without calling out his opponent, AnEsonGib, reminding him that “judgement day is coming” ahead of their January 30 bout in Miami, Florida.


Whether Paul will come out victorious remains to be seen, but both he and brother Logan are hellbent on becoming pro fighters, come hell or high water — even if they can’t ever leave their YouTube roots behind, for good.