KSI agrees to $10m wager against Joe Fournier as he simply ‘doesn’t care’

Eleni Thomas
KSI Joe Fournier

KSI is set to take on Joe Fournier in May of this year, with the content creator turned boxer firing back at comments Fournier made about putting $10 million on the line for the upcoming match.

After months of speculation, it has finally been confirmed that KSI’s next boxing opponent will be Joe Fournier, with the two set to go toe-to-toe in the ring on May 13, 2023. Following the initial announcement, the trash talk has quickly ramped up between the pair, with Fournier even stating that he’s willing to put $10 million on the line for the match.

During a recent interview, KSI hit back at Fournier’s claims that he will put this kind of money on the line, with the content creator also taking offense, arguing that Fournier implies Misfits, his boxing company, is only worth that amount.

“Wow. I think $10 million is pretty low for the price of Misfits. I think Misfits is way more than $10 million but if he wants to put $10 million on the line, I’m down. Like for me money isn’t the reason I do this. For me, it’s all about legacy, it’s about showing the world that a guy who started in his bedroom is about to do all these crazy things ten years later.”

KSI reacts to Joe Fournier’s offer to buy Misfits for $10 million

KSI then adds that, while the money may be a talking point for the upcoming fight, this aspect to the match is something that holds little interest for him.

“Constantly just me showing my audience what it takes for hard work, and dedication. You know, I didn’t start out with talent or people like to label me as talented, no. You can literally see where I started from and I just worked hard to get to this point. I just want to keep pushing and pushing and pushing to see how far I can go. So yeah, if he wants to throw $10 million on the line, let’s put $10 million on the line whatever I don’t care. I just know the outcome and it’s gonna be him on the floor sleeping.”

On March 22, KSI posted a fight poster featuring himself and Fournier online, writing, “May 13th, we go again. Another KO incoming.” This marks the second pro boxer KSI will have faced, but will potentially be his most challenging opponent yet.

Fournier has also commented on his upcoming match with KSI, saying in an Instagram post, “The deal is done and I’m back where I belong… headlining Wembley Arena on pay-per-view against KSI.”

KSI vs Joe Fournier is the headline match on the Misfits x DAZN Series 007 boxing event. The bout will take place on Saturday, May 13. As part of Misfits Boxing’s partnership with DAZN, KSI vs Joe Fournier will be available to stream exclusively via DAZN.