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Korean streamer HAchubby reveals how Twitch popularity has changed her

Published: 10/Oct/2019 0:14 Updated: 10/Oct/2019 0:48

by Brent Koepp


Popular Korean streamer HAchubby was reacting to her older videos when the moment hilariously demonstrated how much she’s changed since becoming a Twitch star.

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HAchubby joined Twitch in 2018, and has had an incredible year with her channel rising in popularity due to her hilarious streams where she wrestles with Western culture and memes.

However during her October 9 stream, the Korean personality decided to react to some of her older videos when the moment dawned on her chat how much she’s changed.

Instagram: ha.chubbyThe Korean streamer has changed a lot since starting out in 2018.
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The old HAchubby “is dead”

The Twitch star was reacting to one of her older videos where she was covering a song from the popular South Korean girl group Black Pink. As she watched, it became an immediate contrast to her chat how different she had become.


In her older videos she had long flowing brown hair, and wore professional attire in her music videos, which was a big difference to the Korean streamer who was now slouched over with pink hair, confidently engaging with her audience.

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The chat began to blow up, with fans saying “What have we done to her?” and “Old HAchu”, while others were just genuinely shocked that the video she was watching was actually her when she was younger.

HAchubby noticed the chat going off, and after reading their messages, she smiled and exclaimed “She’s dead!”, demonstrating how much her Twitch popularity has changed her for the better.


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The Korean streamer has acknowledged before how much she’s changed as a result of her interactions with her chat, and her growing popularity on Twitch.

During her June 21 stream, she reacted to a meme that showed her transforming from her older professional self into a meme savvy streamer. “Twitch ruined me. You ruined me. Because of you. Understand, chat?” she joked.

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HAchubby is having one hell of a year, as she’s gained over 108k followers in just six months from April to September of this year. Fans continue to tune in to see the Korean based personality’s journey to tackle memes and Western culture. 


As of the time of this article, the lovable Korean personality has over 110k followers and rising on Twitch.