Kingpyn fighter claims she was given permission for X-rated celebration

Shay Robson

Viral Kingpyn boxer Daniella Hemsley has claimed she was given permission for her explicit victory celebration after winning via unanimous decision.

Influencer boxing continues to grow at a rapid pace, with events featuring some of the world’s biggest YouTubers, TikTokers, musicians, and even professional athletes becoming more and more common.

While KSI’s Misfits Boxing promotion continues to make waves in the space, earlier this year a competitor emerged, with Kingpyn Boxing kicking off ‘High Stakes’ — the first YouTube Boxing Tournament featuring eight male and eight female fighters spanning three events.

During the semi-final event hosted in Dublin on July 15, TikToker and OnlyFans model Daniella Hemsley stunned the crowd — going viral for her explicit victory celebration after winning her bout.

Daniella Hemsley claims she was given permission for explicit celebration

After taking the win over Ms. Danielka via unanimous decision, the OnlyFans model got a bit too excited with her celebrations, where she unexpectedly pulled up her bra, flashing her boobs to the entire audience.

In a post-fight interview, Hemsley was asked about the X-rated celebration — whether or not it was pre-planned — and she claimed she actually had permission.

“I got approval from the promoter, and I was only going to do it if I won, and I did and I got over-excited, and yeah, why not?”

(Timestamp at 2:25)

While Daniella claimed she had permission for the X-rated stunt, Kingpyn promoter Chris Boyne condemned the act in an interview.

“Yeah look, you know what the girls know how to go viral, and look it is what it is. It’s not really what I wanted if I’m honest like because you know nudity, profanity, it doesn’t really work. But, look they’re social media stars, and look it is what it is and they want to go viral,” he told iFL TV.

Influencer boxing has grown into something we could have never anticipated, although it’s certainly proven to be a bit unorthodox — with fighters going viral for kissing their opponent’s during a faceoff before fight night.