Kick’s “top gifter” under fire for sending unsolicited pictures to streamers

Filip Krawanski
QueenStank as seen in her Twitter photo

Streamer QueenStank tweeted out their interaction with a Kick “top gifter” where the user send her an unsolicited picture. Reportedly this happened multiple times to different female Kick streamers over the past months.

In her Tweet which has been viewed 500,000 times, @QueenStank66 shared the unpleasant interaction with a user supporting her Kick channel.

The user in question sent QueenStank an unsolicited picture which made her uncomfortable, and, upon explaining her discomfort to the sender, he decided to block her.

Stank then also said that other female streamers send thanks her way after putting the spotlight on the user. As it turns out, he’s a “habitual offender,” according to her claims.

Internet reacts to patron sending unsolicited pictures

Other users in the retweets were disgusted by the behavior on display by the sender of the unsolicited pictures for a variety of reasons.

“That’s literally illegal,” highlighted one streamer. To which they received a reply in support stating: “Felony here in AZ.”

QueenStank posted screenshots of some of the messages thanking her for exposing the user in question with plenty of other female streamers having their own stories to tell.

“Totally unhinged and scary. I have been too scared to say anything because he donated like $14,000 to me and I don’t want chargebacks or backlash,” wrote one anonymous person to QueenStank.

Hours after posting this QueenStank actually followed up the story with some good news.

“KickStreaming staff has confirmed that this person has been permanently banned on their platform, the days of harassing female streamers are over for you dude. Thank you Kick for having not only my back but multiple women on the platform,” reported Stank.

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