KFC worker throws water at woman after tense drive-thru interaction

Meera Jacka
KFC worker throws water at woman after tense drive-thru interaction

One unhappy customer filmed the moment staff yelled and threw water at her following a tense drive-thru interaction at KFC.

TikToker Terra Hoyt, who goes by ‘landhoyt7’ on the platform, got more than she bargained for after deciding to visit a KFC drive-thru.

Terra allegedly had a Mountain Dew poured into her help lap from the window, resulting in her deciding to take matters into her own hands and enter the fast food venue.

She decided to film the second encounter, sharing the tense interaction with followers in a video that’s since raked in over 850,000 views.


In the video, Terra approached the workers and let them know she was filming while warning viewers to stay away from the store.

“You’re a f****** Karen, you dumb b****,” the drive-thru worker shouted back.

When Terra stated she would be sending the footage through to the owner, the same worker responded with, “Yeah? I don’t care b****, I don’t care at all, not one bit.”

Another worker then walked up to Terra and threw a cup full of what appeared to be water at her.

After Terra posted the clip to TikiTok, many weren’t sure of which side to take following their own experiences or understandings of the hospitality industry.


“Ok, but I wanna see the interaction before this [because] for a whole place to not like you,” one person commented. Another said, “Nah, what did YOU do to them!?”

Terra since shared a second TikTok that shows nothing but a black screen and some context for the clip, explaining the interaction has nothing to do with race and was simply her response getting mountain due poured on her.

Many, however, remained skeptical, with one writing, “Where’s the employee point of view [because] I need to know what actually happened.”

As of yet, the employees have yet to respond. For all the latest entertainment news, be sure to check out our page here.

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