KEEMSTAR Wants ComedyShortsGamer to Drop Out of the Jake Paul Fight and Deji Isn’t Happy About It

Ross Deason

Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem wants Deji ‘ComedyShortsGamer’ Olatunji to drop out of his boxing fight with Jake Paul after Joe Weller revealed that he would like to get back into the ring.

The KSI versus Logan Paul fight at Manchester Arena on August 25th promises to be one of the biggest events in the history of YouTube.

If the first “YouTube Boxing” event that featured KSI and Joe Weller is anything to go by, it will probably break multiple records and become the biggest white collar boxing event in history.

If the prospect of KSI and Logan Paul punching each other in the face isn’t enough to get you excited, the two headliners’ brothers, Jake Paul and Deji, are featuring in the co-main event and seem to have a genuine hatred of each other.

However, Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR seems to have done a 180 in terms of his feelings about the fight as he took to Twitter on June 28th to ask Deji to drop out of the fight!

This comes after Joe Weller, who lost to KSI in February of 2018, has announced that he wants to get back in the ring and fight on the KSI vs. Logan Paul card.

It would appear that KEEMSTAR believes a fight between Joe Weller and Jake Paul would be more competitive than one featuring Deji, who he has expressed his concerns about previously.

Brian ‘True Geordie” Davis, who commentated on the KSI vs. Joe Weller fight, responded to the KEEMSTAR, saying that Weller versus Paul would be a fight that everyone would want to see.

One person that didn’t take too kindly to the comments from KEEMSTAR or the True Geordie was Deji himself, who said that their opinions are irrelevant and that they should know better.

Having called for, and accepted, the fight with Jake Paul, Deji would face a storm of criticism if he backed out now and it is understandable that he wants to stamp out speculation that it could happen as quickly as possible.

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