KEEMSTAR teases major celebrity guest for return of Friday Fortnite

Virginia Glaze

Drama Alert’s Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem has teased a huge development for the return of his Friday Fortnite tournament series, hinting that fans could see a major celebrity guest in the mix.

KEEMSTAR teased the possibility in a Tweet on January 10, claiming that he’d scored the “biggest YouTuber in the world” to take part in the competition.

“I just got word that when Friday Fortnite returns, the biggest YouTuber in the world will be joining us for week 1 Season 2 of FRIDAY FORTNITE!” KEEM wrote excitedly.

With Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg currently holding the number one spot for most subscribers on the video platform (with a whopping 80 million subs), KEEMSTAR’s Tweet may have confirmed his appearance on the series – and Pewd’s very first, public foray into Fortnite.

KEEMSTAR went on to clarify that the YouTuber in question was not Fresh Prince actor Will Smith, who made his YouTube debut after skydiving from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon in April 2018 (quickly followed by his meme-worthy appearance in YouTube Rewind 2018 in December).

While PewDiePie has yet to confirm or deny his involvement in KEEMSTAR’s series, fans are both hopeful and wary of the Swede’s appearance, with some fearing a last-minute fake-out.

KEEMSTAR announced the return of his highly-demanded Friday Fortnite series in an episode of Drama Alert on January 7, with a speculative prize pool of $10k as hinted at in yet another Tweet of KEEMSTAR’s on January 1.

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