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KEEMSTAR gives a big update on return of Friday Fortnite tournament

Published: 8/Jan/2019 11:09 Updated: 8/Jan/2019 11:15

by Calum Patterson


The potential return of KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite tournament has been given a major boost, after the Drama Alert host confirmed things were in motion for a comeback event.

If unfamiliar, Friday Fortnite was, as the name suggests, a weekly Fortnite tournament held every Friday, with only the biggest streamers and YouTubers invited to play.

The tournaments attracted tens of millions of viewers every week across all channels, but KEEMSTAR later had to end the tournament due to clashes with Epic Games’ own ‘Skirmish’ series.

Epic Games, developers of Fortnite, also imposed a rule that no third party tournaments could offer prize pools higher than $10,000, and had their million dollar tournaments running over weekends, prompting KEEMSTAR to discontinue Friday Fortnite.

However, the community has demanded its return ever since, with the format loved by spectators and players alike – and KEEMSTAR has long been hinting at running another tournament.

In his latest Drama Alert video, on January 7, KEEMSTAR states “Speaking of my tournament, Friday Fortnite, it’s returning! Just want to let you know, we’re working on it, it’s going to be out soon.

The last we heard about the potential return of Friday Fortnite suggested that KEEMSTAR would stick to Epic Games’ limit of a $10,000 prize pool.

There are currently no major Epic Games ran tournaments ongoing, although 2019 is set to have a packed schedule, with the Fortnite World Cup starting. 

It means that currently there is a small window for KEEMSTAR and his team to organize at least one comeback tournament.


IWNL wins Fortnite Streamer Bowl 2: results & recap

Published: 17/Jan/2021 1:13

by Bill Cooney


Fortnite hosted it’s Streamer Bowl II on January 16 through Twitch Rivals, and we’ve got the full rundown along with the final top 10 standings from the event.

The Streamer Bowl II cup took place from 4 PM to 7 PM EST on January 16, and featured hundreds of regular players, along with a ton of well-known streamers like Ninja and Bugha to name two of the biggest names.

There were even a few NFL stars in the mix, including Tampa Bay Bucs Wideout Mike Evans, Carolina Panthers Running Back Christian McCaffrey, and Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Kyler Murray to name a few.

It was a tough battle at the top of the bracket, but eventually, a winner was proclaimed, so let’s take a look at who came out as the winner of Streamer Bowl II.

Fortnite Streamer Bowl II results & final standings

FNCS graphic
Epic Games
IWNL managed to grab first place after just 9 rounds.

Coming in first with 3 wins out of 9 total matches played, Fortnite esports player IWNL was eventually crowned the champion with 129 points. But, fellow Fortnite comp player Nevify was actually tied with the same amount of points, but fewer average elims, and total matches played at just 8.

Below are the top 10 placements of the Fortnite Streamer Bowl II on Twitch Rivals:

Place Player Points Total Matches (wins) Avg. Elims Avg. Place
1 IWNL 129 9 (3) 5.44 29.00
2 Nevify 129 8 (3) 3.88 13.25
3 DnSpecFN 120 10 (2) 4.60 23.00
4 crazyggs 120 8 (2) 4.38 14.13
5 32wanted 115 10 (2) 4.20 36.60
6 zadic on 90fps 112 10 (2) 4.20 35.90
7 prevalesrr 112 8 (1) 5.00 30.38
8 darbzy 112 8 (1) 4.88 18.13
9 CommittedG 112 9 (1) 4.78 24.11
10 Drizzy 112 10 (1) 4.70 32.20

Fortnite Streamer Bowl II rules

Fortnite Battle Bus
Epic Games
Participants could only drop into 10 different matches for their total score.

The Rules for Streamer Bowl II were fairly straightforward if you’ve watched or participated in any competitive Fortnite events before. Players had 10 matches to drop into Solos games and attempt to increase their score as much as possible.

Five points were awarded per Victory Royale, with three for reaching the top two and one point from there. Kills also were worth a point each, which was of course the main focus for all of our top 10 finishers.