KEEMSTAR brutally roasts Deji’s single, ‘No L’s’

Virginia Glaze
KEEMSTAR, Twitter / Deji, YouTube

Popular YouTuber Deji Olatunji released his single, ‘No L’s,’ on December 29 – and the song is already getting roasted by personalities across the internet, including Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR.

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Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem threw major shade toward the song in a Tweet on December 30, claiming that the YouTuber was “getting destroyed” in the comments section despite the track’s title, ‘No Ls.’

“Poor Deji is getting destroyed on his new song,” KEEMSTAR wrote. “‘We take no Ls.’”

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Keemstar attached a screenshot of the comments in question, which included such savage responses as, “It sounds 10 times better when you put it on mute,” and, “‘No Ls,’ huh? You lost to Jake Paul, you lost to JJ, and you lost to the Sidemen.”

Deji’s video has a fairly disparate like-to-dislike ratio, as well, with over 53,000 likes and 17,000 dislikes as of December 30.

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While the dislikes may actually stem from his single, they could likewise be the result of his ongoing fight with KSI. The YouTuber is currently in the midst of a bitter feud with his older brother after leaking his bank records during a diss track on November 26.

Since then, the two have gone back and forth in a heated series of Tweets, with their spat coming to a head on Christmas Eve. According to Tweets by KSI, Deji kicked him out of the house, threatening to call the police after claiming that he was “attacking” their mother in a now-deleted audio recording.