‘Karen’ goes viral throwing McDonald’s order on the floor for being incorrect

'Karen’ goes viral throwing McDonald’s order on the floor for being incorrectTIKTOK: stephaniejoseph1970

An angry ‘Karen’ went viral on TikTok after throwing food off the counter at a McDonald’s because they got her order wrong.

The customer was filmed taking the bag of a freshly made order, and aggressively throwing it to the ground before saying, “that’s wrong.”

“I have watched ‘Karen’ videos, but never seen one in person until now,” stephaniejoseph1970 captioned her video. “The Manager was amazingly calm. I told him that I appreciated how calm he was and how he handled the situation!”

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In the now-deleted clip, a woman wearing a pink hoodie and pajama pants argued with a McDonald’s employee over her order. She then threw the food to the ground, leaving a mess of french fries and other items on the floor.

The employee remained calm, and asked the customer and her partner if they had two crispy chicken sandwiches as part of their order.

“No. I had two McChickens, I have one crispy chicken, two Big Macs, and two…McDoubles,” the woman told the cashier behind the counter.

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She then stood with her hand on her hip, staring at the employee. After a few seconds of silence, another McDonald’s worker walked out from the back holding two bags of food, asking “All right who has what?”

The ‘Karen’ turned to them and said: “That should’ve been asked earlier.” However, the food was for another customer, as they took the bag from the second employee. At the end of the video, the worker was seen calmly speaking to the customer again.

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In the comments, TikTok users were appalled by the woman’s behavior, with one saying, “I would have refused service.”

Another agreed, writing: “I would have just refunded her and said leave.”

A third user added: “It’s like you were never told no by anyone and it shows.”

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