Kai Cenat responds to “transphobic” comment accusations during Adin Ross Twitch stream

Sam Comrie
kai cenat on twitch

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat has responded to claims that he and Adin Ross made transphobic comments on a stream after coming under fire from different corners of the Twitch community.

Kai Cenat’s Twitch takeover is unlike anything we’ve seen in 2022, as the content creator has ascended past streaming alums such as xQc on his way to the top.

Alongside claiming the top spot for himself, he has been collaborating with other stars such as Lil Baby and Adin Ross.

However, Cenat is now under fire from other creators such as Kaceytron, for transphobic comments that were made during a stream with Ross.

Kai Cenat and Adin Ross accused of using “transphobic” language during Twitch stream

During Kai Cenat and Adin Ross’s Twitch stream on November 7, the pair were hanging out with two female viewers. As they got to know them more, Cenat and Ross began to question the taller woman of the duo, directing their attention toward her voice.

Ross claimed that it “was weird” to hear the deeper register of the woman’s voice with Cenat asking: “why’s her voice so deep?”

The clip quickly made its way across social media, with Cenat offering his own response on stream, as he came under fire for his comments, where the pair reportedly use “him” to describe them.

“No, oh my god, no, I’m not, I’m not saying ‘him’,” explained Cenat. The Twitch star claimed he was “literally not saying him” and was saying “add them” instead.

Soon after the Twitch stream, Kaceytron posted via Twitter: “Love waking up to see that some of the biggest communities on Twitch are transphobic and homophobic.”

“None of the other big streamers care though, they just want to collab with them while virtue signaling that they care. They don’t. They’re fake AF,” the streamer added.

While many followers of Kaceytron were unsure what she was referring to, she made it directly clear that her post was about Cenat and Ross’s actions.

Kaceytron explained that “it’s just disappointing to see… if I said some shit like that all these big streamers would be dragging me for filth.”

“But watch, since it’s a popular streamer they will barely mention it and gloss over,” she concluded.

Cenat and Ross have yet to comment on the situation further via social media.

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