JoJo Siwa’s ex-girlfriend Avery Cyrus explains love triangle drama with other influencers

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JoJo Siwa and Avery Cyrus

TikToker Avery Cyrus has gone viral with a video describing her “toxic” relationship with an ex, which fans have figured out is JoJo Siwa, and the love triangle they ended up in.

From best friends to girlfriends – JoJo Siwa and Avery Cyrus started off their relationship as close pals, but their connection blossomed into a romantic relationship shortly after.

The former couple started off as friends making videos together for social media, giving fans a glimpse inside their soon-to-be relationship. It wasn’t until September 2022 that the pair made their relationship official via a TikTok video. In the clip, the twosome could be seen at Chuck E. Cheese posing for pictures in a photo booth, with one snap capturing a sweet smooch.

However, Avery confirmed in December 2022 that the pair had split, noting in a TikTok comment that they were “better as friends.”

JoJo has since accused Avery of using her for clout in videos. Avery has now taken to TikTok where she opened up about her previous relationship, which she labeled it as “toxic”.

Jojo Siwa’s ex-girlfriend Avery Cyrus explains love triangle drama

In a TikTok video, Avery revealed how one of her ex-girlfriends, which due to the events mentioned, fans are certain to be about JoJo, had broken up with her through a voice memo.

She started the video by saying how the two of them had gone to a concert where they’d bumped into JoJo’s ex, Instagram star Kylie Prew and her girlfriend at the time, TikToker Rylin Utah.

“Her ex is so into the conversation, and she’s like oh my god I heard she’s gonna play this song that’s on her smiley face album.

“Me and her girlfriend are just sitting there like,” she said while sitting with her arms crossed and a slightly annoyed facial expression.

The following day, Avery revealed that JoJo had said she wanted to reach out to her ex to tell her there were no bad blood between them and also showed Avery the text she was going to send before she sent it.

However, Avery later figures out that Jojo actually sent more messages to her ex, which lead them to remenicent about the things they’d kept from their relationship and even calling each other their pet names. She confronts JoJo who said she would stop responding to the messages.

Jojo breaks up with Avery through voice memo

“Fast forward to three days later, she drops me off at the airport to go home and as soon as I walked through my front door, she sends me a voice memo breaking up with me. Through voice memo!” Avery revealed. “I was freaking distraught, I was not expecting it even a little bit.

“The next morning on a plane to see my parents, and I get the whole ‘I messed up, I had a dream about you, it’s me not you.”

JoJo Siwa on Special Forces
JoJo reportedly broke up with Avery through a voice memo

Avery revealed that, although she wanted JoJo back, she was telling her to really think about what she wanted as she would not be able to handle the indecicivness.

But even though JoJo showered her in gifts and love, something was off. After confronting Jojo once again after feeling like something was off, JoJo had asked them to just be friends to “take the preassure off” their relationship.

“And then a couple days later, she gets caught hanging with her ex,” Avery said.

She ended the video by saying that, although they’d spent a work trip together, they had ended it for good after that.

It’s currently not known if either Avery or JoJo are dating anyone else.

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